This Is The Reason Why People Immediately Accepted Aishumma, Only Those Who Are In The Film Circles Will Understand That: Saudi Vellakka is the latest film directed by Tarun Murthy starring Devi Verma, Lukman Awaran and Binu Pappu in lead roles. After Operation Jawa, the film directed by Tarun Murthy is getting good responses from the audience in the theatres.

The film revolves around the character of Ayesha Rather, played by newcomer Devi Verma. Actress Pauly Valson has been dubbed for the character.

In an interview with DoolNews, Binu Pappu and director Tarun Murthy talk about Devi Verma’s performance as Ayesha Rauthar and dubbing another actress for the role.


”Kochi has a rhythm. Kochi has been used in many movies to make people laugh. But we have not referred to any Kochi slang for this film. Because the people there themselves told us that it was all wrong.

So there was a special concern. My films are usually dubbed by the artists themselves and not by anyone else. But since it is a regional film, I dubbed it with people who speak that language.

When it comes to Ayishumma, what will be the situation if they knock and say in their Valluvanad dialect ‘What are you doing, ssya’ (Laughter). After knocking, it is not enough to call ‘Ente Poornatrayesa’.

This is what always comes out of that mother’s mouth. They would say ‘Narayana’,” said Tarun Murthy.

Binu Pappu also talks about Devi Verma in the interview.

Whatever you say to that mother, she will laugh. Poor mother. Palakkad is their true homeland. He will reach Tripunithura after the wedding.


He comes from a very orthodox family. They are the ones who perform worship, worship, devotion, and offering to God and perform prayer. Then if you ask ‘what, where are you going’, then you can’t tell the story,” said the actor with a smile.

“Initially, when Umma was cast, it was planned to have Pauli chechi dubbed.

Only people who know the movie very closely, who are in the movie circle, understand that it is Pauli Chechi. It is a character for the common man,” says the director.

“Umma’s character was immediately accepted by everyone. The big reason for that is Pauli Chechi. Because when that voice and to look come together, we like a character,” Binu Pappu added.

Also a courtroom drama, Saudi Vellaka has Gokulan, Siddharth Siva, Sujith Shankar, Ramya Suresh, Dhanya Ananya, Nilja, and Vincy Aloysius in other lead roles.



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