This Is The Belief Of Fans From Rosario To Kerala: Argentina, They Will Come Back: The blue sky, the blue sea, and Argentinian fans from all over the world were cheering at the same moment. All the emotions that had been suppressed until then, they shouted in front of the world in the 64th minute against Mexico.

I don’t know if there was any smell of Attar on the ground in Qatar, but all I heard there were the shouts of the Argentinian fans. At the helm of it is Lionel Messi, the captain of all their hopes.

Until that goal, Argentina and Messi had been in poor form. Argent and the fans were both mentally exhausted after the defeat in the last game.


After the first half, many fans became critics of the team. But when that goal came, it all went away. A long ranger goal by Leo from outside the box with a great pass from the team’s angel Angel Di Maria.

There was no incredible power or deadly skill behind that goal but it was just a magical touch from the king of football!

Otherwise, a moment is enough to change everything in football. A single moment can change the fate of matches and tournaments. Messi scored a goal that dashed Argentina’s hopes.

Argentina did not perform very well. Quite an average performance compared to other top teams. But this one win could give hope to fans around the world.

Guevara’s words are confirmed by his countrymen, ‘After sunset, there is definitely a sunrise. If not, it must not be a sun.’


Argentina and Messiah have bounced back from that humiliating defeat against Saudi Arabia. Fans and football lovers want to believe that Argentina will be able to beat Poland in the next match and enter the last 16.

After the defeat in the last match, many videos of young children went viral on social media. There were tears falling from the eyes of some children.

But that innocent person had said that he would come back in the next match after just one game. The belief that all Argentina fans have been following for many years is what they and they are following here.


From Rosario in Argentina to Kerala, all the fans believe in this. For them, this team needs to win.

Although De Paul’s form and missed passes are giving Argentina a headache, Argentina is still the team that forgets everything and plays for Messi. It is certain that we will see a continuation of this in the coming matches.

Whether the throne is waiting for him is unpredictable. But it is up to the believer to decide.



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