Amit Shah Gujarat Visit: Congress Used To Eat Money To Make Doctors... Shah's Attack In Gandhinagar

‘This Gujarat Is My Creation’, Is Indicative Of This, Shah’s Activism In Debating Modi’s Claim: Home Minister Amit Shah did not go to his state even after the death of 150 people due to the collapse of the river bridge in Morbi. Although the Department of Disaster Management works under the Ministry of Home Affairs. And when the Prime Minister goes to the scene of such an accident, it is customary for the minister of the relevant ministry to be present.

Discussions about Amit Shah not going to Moravia have started again because of his recent activism in Gujarat. And he has been active in poll campaigning in his state after a controversial comment by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. According to party sources, rumors have started in Gujarat BJP around the comment.

Last week three-time former Chief Minister of Gujarat, today’s Prime Minister Modi claimed, ‘This Gujarat is my creation.’ The word is certainly not new. In a different way, this was promoted in the 2014 Lok Sabha election campaign to project Modi as the prime ministerial candidate. ‘Gujarat model of development was the main slogan of the BJP.

But since Modi himself said ‘This Gujarat is my creation’, the BJP is more worried about the party’s displeasure than the opposition’s criticism. And at this time, Amit Shah has become active in his own state (Amit Shah’s activism after the Modi Slogan Controversy).

He held a private meeting with state BJP leaders in Ahmedabad last Sunday. According to sources, the party has finally resorted to Amit Shah to deal with the discontent in the party surrounding the Prime Minister’s speech.

Many senior and middle-aged BJP leaders are unhappy with Modi’s words. According to them, the late Keshubhai Patel was the real architect of BJP’s development in Gujarat and the state. Not only did he bring the party to power in the first state, he also laid the foundation of Nawa-Gujarat. At the same time, the party also expanded during his time. Narendra Modi is a leader made by himself. However, after becoming the Chief Minister, Modi no longer accepted Keshubhai’s discipleship.

In the face of this suppressed discontent in the party, there has been speculation about Amit Shah’s activism. Because it can be said that Shah had his hands tied in his state for the last one-and-a-half years.

On Sunday, Shah was in Gandhinagar. Meeting with state leaders to review grievances and the current situation. He promised to meet with the rebels to pacify them. Shah also held a domestic meeting with general workers.

After becoming Prime Minister, Narendra Modi brought the then Home Minister of Gujarat, Amit Shah, to Delhi. He was first made the All India President of the party and later the Home Minister of the country. But it is reported that the distance between the two has been created around the politics of Gujarat. The main reason is that Modi made first-time MLA Bhupendra Patel the Chief Minister in September last year, replacing veteran Vijay Rupani.

Like Modi, Rupani is a leader made by Keshubhai. At the same time, he is revered by Amit Shah and the two have a close relationship. Rupani said in advance that he does not want to fight in the polls. The party gave him the responsibility of Punjab and Haryana. He is spending time in Gujarat in between his busyness with those two states.

Amit’s close friend Jitu Bhaghani was also removed from the post of Gujarat BJP president two years ago before the change of chief minister. CR Patil, who is known to be loyal to Modi, was appointed to the post.

The activity of Amit Shah, who is aware of all these things, is catching the attention of many people. Shah told a TV channel on Sunday, ‘It is natural to be unhappy when a decision goes against someone. But in BJP everyone is bound by discipline and once a decision is taken everyone has to accept it and work together to ensure the victory of the party.’ Shah’s comments are considered by many to be an indication of his focus on the Gujarat polls.

Shah claimed that he had spoken to the rebels and they had assured to work for the party.

Along with Himachal Pradesh, there is also a rebellion in the BJP in Gujarat. In more than a dozen seats, the rebels are now facing tough challenges. A number of front-runners, including a prominent tribal leader, have announced they will quit the party and become independent candidates. In Gujarat like Himachal, the rebels are gradually becoming a headache for the BJP.

Meanwhile, not only Rupani, but Shah’s close friend Nitin Patel also refused to be a candidate. Although they did not rebel openly. According to BJP insider, Amit Shah has come to highlight his importance in the party in his own state to deal with discontent.


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