This cricketer wants to interview him after Rihanna's tweet in support of farmers movement

These days, two groups are seen forming in relation to the ongoing farmers movement in the country. On the one hand there are those people who are supporting it, on the other hand, those people who are opposing it. Many foreign celebrities also tweeted about the peasant movement. One of them is the famous pop singer Rihanna.

After supporting Rihanna’s farmers, now former England bowler Monty Panesar has expressed his desire to interview him. In a tweet, Monty Panesar said that he wants to interview Rihanna on the farmers issue in his show The Full Monty for radio.

While sharing a news related to the movement on Tuesday, Rihanna wrote on Twitter, “Why are we not talking about this?” Rihanna used #FarmersProtest with it.

Who is rihanna

Rihanna is a Hollywood pop singer and actress. Rihanna has 100 million followers on Twitter. On Twitter, Rihanna ranks fourth among the most followed people in the world with 100 million followers. He has given many big hits like ‘Don’t stop the music’, ‘Love the way you lie’, ‘Umbrella’.

Rihanna is also an actress. She has appeared in many films like Hollywood Film Battleship and ‘Ocean’s 8’. 32 year old Rihanna also has her own fashion brand named Fenty.

In 2019, Forbes called Rihanna the richest musician. According to Forbes, Rihanna’s total assets are 600 million dollars (4400 crores). This is not the first time he has tweeted something like this. Rihanna keeps tweeting on such issues. Recently, he also tweeted about the occupation of the army in Myanmar.


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