Married woman died due to fire, family accused in-laws of murder

This Cannibal Lived Hiding Murder, Werewolves Seeking Bodies To Satisfy Their Lust In The Name Of Love, Note: Dr. Anuja Joseph says that the death of Divya and her daughter is a reminder. Don’t throw your life in front of wolves who are looking for a body to satisfy their lust in the name of love. Anuja also asks if your life is meant to be a wasted object after fulfilling your desires for a few months at most.

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A mother who was not even sure if her daughter and baby were alive for 11 years, finally saw the mother’s tears, and Ishwar unraveled the mystery of the murder. Mother and daughter who disappeared 11 years ago are found murdered. Divya and her daughter of Poovachal, Thiruvananthapuram were killed. Divya’s lover Maheen Kann killed both of them and threw them into the sea. Maheen’s wife Rukia is also suspected to be involved. Last month, further investigation was started into the case which was initially ignored by the police. The double murder came to light during the investigation of the special team.

Divya and the child had to become a scapegoat in front of the cannibal called Maheen Kanna. Married Maheen, who started his life with Divya under the pretense of love, got pregnant within a year and Divya became pregnant. Meanwhile, Maheen left Divya and ran away. After compromises and talks, he finally resumes his life with Divya. But she also failed to realize that inside him was an attempt to get rid of Divya.

Finally, he kills Divya and the baby in the coastal area of ​​Kulachal district in Tamil Nadu. The most surprising thing is that he lived in society pretending to be respectable for these 11 years. While in one place the parents lived without seeing their daughter and baby, this cannibal concealed the murder and lived unprovoked.

You cheaters now recognize Pikachus who does not understand no matter how much they say. Don’t throw your life in front of wolves who are looking for a body to satisfy their lust in the name of love. Is your life meant to fulfill your own desires for a few months and then end up as a wasted object?

Maheenkann in the above incident is a good example of avoiding any means, if necessary. It is clear that he did not intend to have a family life with Divya. But Divya was too late to realize that he was a fraud and risked the lives of Penkoch and the baby. Prudence is the most important thing in love, don’t forget that pitfalls await. Don’t get hung up on temporary relationships that end up saying aha oh bye, forget even your parents, and think three times before walking away saying ‘Chotan’ is my everything.


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