US-based IT company Salesforce plans to provide direct employment to 5.48 lakh people in the coming days in India. According to the company, India has the potential to become the second largest economy in terms of GDP (GDP). Vala Afshar, Chief Data Officer of Salesforce, said at the Rage conference that indirectly the company will create 1.3 million jobs in India.

The company will create 13 lakh jobs

He said that his company is going to contribute billions of dollars to India’s economy. “We are going to create 1.3 million jobs indirectly with our customers and partners.” Whereas directly we will employ 5,48,000 people. Salesforce’s market capitalization is estimated at around $ 240 billion. “We are committed to training 2,50,000 students in the next one or two years,” the officer said at the conference. Education is important in bridging the digital gap.

He said, “In India, a new person connects to the Internet every three seconds. This means that the number of people connected to the Internet today will reach 60 million to more than one billion in the next five years. It also means that India will be the second largest country in the world in terms of GDP. Only China will be behind while America will be ahead


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