The video of Dia Mirza, Bridal Shoot adorned to marry Vaibhav Rekhi came out

Most Bollywood actresses are known for their heavy make-up and style. At the same time, the simplicity of Dia Mirza fascinates the fans. Dia Mirza’s simplicity look is her identity both on screen and off screen. Now the question is that if Diya does not do heavy makeup then what is the secret of her beauty.

Understanding her skin, in
fact, she understands her skin and look very well. Diya knows that more natural makeup suits her than dark and bright makeup. This is why she does minimal makeup and highlights her natural look with limited makeup products. Like, most of the time given to the eyes only apply mascara. Only use glitters and highlighters when needed. Diya likes to apply eye liner in very fine and very natural tone.

Not using too many products
Dia Mirza does not use too many products. She does not believe in applying too much on her skin. Rather focus on taking care of her beautiful skin.

Taking healthy diet, drinking more water,
Diya takes healthy diet and drinks water several times a day. According to Diya, in order to keep the skin beautiful naturally, it is very important that you do not let the lack of water in your body. He likes to use natural things kept in the kitchen to take care of beauty.


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