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Things Happen At Home As The Message Comes: Fourteen-Year-Old Revealed The Reason Behind The Whatsapp Message: All of the strange complaints from Kottarakkara paddy cultivation in the Kollam district have been discussed in the news. The complaint was that things are happening at home according to messages coming on WhatsApp. But it later turned out that Nellinum was not a genius hacker as many suspected, but a fourteen-year-old relative of theirs, behind the mystery of the house, where Nellikummunth, who sent messages on WhatsApp, blew up the TV, turned on the motor, turned off the fan and lights.

But even then there are many questions that remain. Doubts…
Why did this fourteen-year-old do all this? Why did the family not recognize the abnormality in their own family member? Many questions still need to be answered. How could an electrician with over forty years of experience be fooled even though he was in the house?

Everything that happened at Nellinum’s house was discussed in the whole of Kerala as a cybercrime. But the investigating officers confirmed that there was no incident of hacking here. But the complainant Sajitha had told many media that all these problems happened within six months. But according to officials, no wires were burnt or switchboards were broken in these six months. Things that happened before that.

It has been six months since the complainant returned to the country, who was in the Gulf. Therefore, they are not eyewitnesses to any of these things. None of these things happened in WhatsApp messages. The light and fan in the room are turned off, the motor is filled with water, the color of the dress that Sajitha was wearing, etc. were the only things that came as messages on WhatsApp and were seen happening. It was from these incidents that the complainant felt doubt and fear that there was someone else in her house.

The fourteen-year-old was in possession of the complainant’s mother’s phone throughout the incident. It is the child in the hall who sees them directly and sends messages about the clothes they are wearing and so on. The breaker that controls the fan in the room is also in the hall. From here the child turns it on and off. How does a child do this?

The boy sees Sajita talking on the phone or lying in the room, goes and turns on the motor, comes back, and sends a message. Perhaps the child had an estimate of when Sajita would leave the room. When they leave the room and look, they see the water draining naturally. But no one has ever seen the motor start or burn by itself. But they don’t care that this 14-year-old boy is doing all this while sitting with them, or who is holding the mobile phone even at the point of receiving the message.

None of this happened while holding the phone. After checking the search history of the other two phones owned by the child, the Nokia officials found black magic, a hidden camera, and other tricks that the child had left without trying. When questioned, the boy confessed to the police

But why did the child do this?

This is what the child has told the police, although it may be considered childish or just out of fun. Amma’s sister’s husband lives separately with them. But he says that they come home from time to time to see the kids and so on, but he doesn’t like it, so he’s doing it all to make it look like he did it. But the police say the language used in the message is not appropriate for a 14-year-old.


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