Cristiano Ronaldo 1st Goal Of The Season Scored In Europa League First Time In 20 Years Man United Vs Sheriff

“They Didn’t Want Me In The Team, Man United Didn’t Improve!” Explosive Ronaldo Before The World Cup: Cristiano Ronaldo exploded through an interview a week before the World Cup. He is currently the highest goalscorer in world football. He has achieved almost all team and individual achievements on the football field except the World Cup. At this moment he is about 38 years old. But he is so hungry for success that he is in serious trouble right now. The Portuguese superstar seems to have lost his familiar rhythm since the beginning of the current football season. He has never been a media darling. So when, at the age of 37, he is having his first personal bad season, there has been a scathing analysis of his decline in performance.

At the start of this season, Dutch coach Erik ten Haag was appointed as the new Manchester United coach by the Red Devils’ management. While he was busy training with the entire team during the pre-season training, Ronaldo was unable to attend the camp due to a family issue. Upon his return, he took his place on the Manchester United bench from the start of the season. Ronaldo was only getting a chance in the starting XI in Europa League matches and in the EPL when a forward was injured, something the Portuguese superstar himself was not entirely happy about. Also, a large part of football experts complained that since Manchester United did not qualify for the Champions League this season, Ronaldo has been desperately trying to leave the club throughout the pre-season. In the end, because the contract with a club of his choice was not completed, Ronaldo returned to Manchester under compulsion.

Now Ronaldo himself has opened his mouth about all these bad names, ugliness, and recently his position as a footballer at Manchester United. Ronaldo sat in an interview with the famous English journalist Piers Morgan. The full interview will be released in two separate parts on Wednesday and Thursday. For now, some information and a clip have gone viral where Ronaldo says, “Manchester United has not progressed since the day Alex Ferguson, the most successful coach in the history of Manchester United, stepped down (2013). When Ole Gunnar Solskjaer was axed as coach the previous year, someone (Ralf Ragnik) was brought in as coach who usually held the role of sporting director. I did not at least understand the meaning of the decision. Moreover, the club’s swimming pool, gym, and several training facilities have remained the same since I left the club.”

This part has been heard from Ronaldo’s mouth for now. Moreover, parts of what he himself said have come to light. He also said that he doesn’t respect Manchester United’s current coach, Erich ten Haag, because he didn’t respect Ronaldo. The coach and some of the club’s senior executives did not want him in the team from the start. Even in the previous season, those executives did not want him in the team. He was accused of deliberately not attending the team’s pre-season training camp in July, claiming that his daughter, who was born the same year, was very ill at the time and he could not join the club at that time to stand by his family. Incidentally, Cristiano Ronaldo’s wife Georgina Rodriguez was supposed to give birth to twins this year. So the son they had at birth died soon after birth and the daughter who doctors were able to save, according to Ronaldo, was very ill during Manchester United’s pre-season training camp. Along with that, Ronaldo has also clashed with former Manchester United forward Wayne Rooney. The former England star has criticized Ronaldo in several interviews and said Manchester United does not need an older footballer like the Portuguese superstar at the moment. In that context, Ronaldo has said that he does not know why Rooney publicly speaks against him in such a way. Ronaldo thinks that he is still playing football even though he is a year older than Ronnie and the England star is not happy with him because Ronnie finished his career two years ago. Then Yorkie pretends Ronaldo also says that despite his age he still looks more attractive than Rooney.

But after giving this interview, will Ronaldo be able to play for Manchester United again at the end of the World Cup in December? In response, the Portuguese star said that for now he is keeping his full focus on performing well for Portugal in the World Cup. Then he will discuss all his problems with the club. Ronaldo thinks Manchester United should be the organization they should have been, after all these years, they haven’t reached. Manchester City beat Liverpool and even Arsenal and Manchester United. A lot of changes are needed at this club to restore their former glory and Ronaldo thinks he has no problem if he starts the change. Pulling the famous quote, Ronaldo said that in order to create something new, it is necessary to destroy it first. Ronaldo also expressed his love for Manchester United fans. According to him, Manchester United fans are the only ones who have stood by him in all situations. He also likes the club’s fans a lot but CRSeven thinks it would be beneficial for them to know the truth. Also, after the death of Ronaldo’s baby daughter, Liverpool fans stood up in the seventh minute of the game against Manchester United and applauded for a whole minute as a message to stand by Ronaldo, he said, which touched his heart. It’s true that Ronaldo has given great interviews, but now that he’s out of form this season, Manchester United has won several games without him, so it’s doubtful how much his words will resonate with the general public. The only way for Ronaldo to prove himself now is to play at the best level of football at the World Cup, something he will be able to achieve at nearly 38 years of age, with major doubts remaining.


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