These privacy features of WhatsApp make the account safe, your data will be safe

WhatsApp is not taking the name of the dispute over the new privacy policy of WhatsApp . At present, it has been postponed till May. But among all these there are some such features in WhatsApp that secure your data. With the help of these features, you can make your WhatsApp account even more safe and secure. Let’s know about these features.

According to the biometric WhatsApp, users have to use the face or fingerprint unlock on the phone before scanning the QR code to connect their account to WhatsApp web or desktop. At the same time, WhatsApp web could be used only with QR code. To link your account in WhatsApp web or WhatsApp desktop, open WhatsApp. After this, click on the three dots provided in the right side upwards and go to the settings. Now click on WhatsApp web or desktop. Click on Link a Device here. After doing this, follow the biometric authentication process of the phone. Keep in mind that whenever you scan the QR code and if your account tells you to login elsewhere, then log it out immediately.

Touch ID Lock with Face ID
iPhone users can lock WhatsApp account with Touch ID or Face ID. At the same time, Android users can secure it through fingerprint lock. You can set it according to your time.

To make two-step verification
WhatsApp more secure, the company has rolled out a new feature. Through this feature the user account gets 2 layer security. To enable this feature a 6-digit passcode is applied. Email ID is also registered in it. If you forget your passcode, you can reset it through email id.

Group Settings
WhatsApp now gives you control over who can add you to a group or who does not. For this, you have to go to Settings and go to Privacy. After this, everyone has to go to the group and select. Now after selecting My Contact here, you will not be able to add everyone to the group.

Disappearing messages The
messaging app Disappear Messages feature is also a big task. Through this, the message will automatically disappear within 7 days of the chat. This will give users more privacy to chat.


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