After getting a chance to come on big platforms like Big Boss, no contestant wants to lose this chance. In order to stay in the show or to apply tempering, many times the contestants show their fake personality. There are many contestants who plan to stay in the game by creating fake love stories. The show also gets TRP from this evergreen love angle.

Now these love stories are fake or real, it does not matter much to the people. Season 14 has seen many celebs trying to make fake love stories and connections. Know about all the contestants who came to Bigg Boss who put a twist of fake connections in the show.

Nikki Tamboli-Rahul Vaidya
Season 14 is going to be very boring and flat. In the first weekend’s war, Salman Khan also flattened the contestants. This time there are many celebs who have also come to mingle in the show. In one episode, close proximity was seen between Nikki and Rahul. After becoming a senior, Nikki suddenly got something that she started giving more attention to Rahul. The increasing proximity between the two had made a lot of headlines on social media. However, this special connection of both is shown in just one episode.

Holy punia-ijaz khan
Viewers were shocked when in a recent episode, Pavitra Punia spoke of liking Ejaz Khan. She was telling Rubina that no relationship was one sided. They like Ijaz. Pavitra was seen flirting with Ijaz. She was seen doing haj and kissing Ejaz. This change came in the holy night and night, people did not digest at all. However, Ijaz clearly said that he does not consider Pavitra to be his best friend.

Paras Chhabra
In Bigg Boss 13, Paras Chhabra tried to make many connections. Paras because he had been part of Spitsvilla. He was well aware that to make the show last longer, making his love angle would work. Paras tended to be less than boys and more friends with girls. Paras also called himself a cultural playboy.

Shahnaz Gill

At the beginning of the show, Paras first hit Shahnaz Gill. She tried to make a connection with Shahnaz. Then he gave a twist to Love Triangle. In which Mahira Sharma also joined. Paras later reversed his game.

Paras tried to strike a bond with Mahira leaving Shehnaz. In which he also succeeded. Later, there were battles between Paras and Shahnaz. Shahnaz came close to Siddharth and Paras Mahira. Paras, who was trying to make a fake connection, eventually became a strong connection with Mahira. Today they are good friends. There are also reports of him being in the affair.

Nitibha Kaul and Manveer Gurjar
The friendship of Nitibha Kaul and Manveer Gurjar was also very much discussed. Both were commoners. Both of them got along well. But later, on behalf of Manveer, an attempt was made to give this friendship a love angle. However, after leaving the show, there was no close bond and special bond between them.

Rohit Sushanti-Srishti Rhode
Srishti Roode, who appeared in Bigg Boss 12, was engaged before appearing in the show. In the show of creation, close proximity was seen with Rohit Suchanti. Rohit and Srishti used to share good bonds. Rohit had expressed his love for Srishti many times. But due to being committed, Srishti never responded to Rohit. After coming out of the show, Srishti broke off with her fiance. It was said that this happened due to Rohit Suchanti.

Prince Narula-Yuvika Chaudhary
Prince Narula flirted with girls a lot during his Bigg Boss season. Sometimes he would hit the line on Nora Fatehi and sometimes on Yuvika Chaudhary. The Prince vowed love with both. Due to Prince’s flirty style, he was very much discussed. But after leaving the show, Prince’s relationship with Nora ended. At the same time, Prince lost his heart on Yuvika Chaudhary. Now both are married.


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