These are the secrets of fitness of Rubina Dilaik, you can also work

Rubina Dilac, the widow of Bigg Boss-14, has been discussed everywhere these days. Rubina is one of the most famous actresses on the small screen. With her acting, she also makes people crazy with her beauty. Know some of his fitness secrets and beauty tips.

Rubina emphasizes yoga more for her fitness. Rubina resorts to headstand daily to keep herself fit and in great shape. This asana is considered quite difficult. No trainer is required for this. This posture teaches us how to increase our focus and power. Rubina believes that you can give yourself a perfect shape through workouts.

Rubina often shares pictures of various yoga, exercise, workouts on her Instagram account. Rubina shared many photos in which different poses of yoga can be seen, such as the Warrior pose. This pose helps to stretch hands and feet, increase concentration and it also helps in balancing body weight. In the photo shared recently, she was seen doing Vriksasana and also doing Surya Namaskar.

Rubina drinks 3 to 5 liters of water daily for every glowing skin. Water is a solvent that cleans all impurities and pollutants present in the skin. Regularly drinking enough water keeps the skin healthy and glows on the face.

Rubina recently shared a video. In the video, Rubina told that she uses ginseng facemask to protect her skin from dullness, dark spots and pigmentation. Let us tell you that ginseng facemask increases the level of collagen on the skin and helps in removing many problems related to the skin.

Rubina however has no fixed diet plan. But she includes healthy food items in her diet. Although Rubina is mostly outside, she is unable to follow the healthy diet.


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