Love is not just a week or a month’s celebration. This is a natural requirement of every human being. There is love that keeps us connected to each other despite all the challenges and struggles. But do you know that skill is required to maintain it too? Yes, we are not saying this. This has been proved in many studies. Physiology experts also believe that if you pay a little attention, you can keep it fresh for a long time.

What do you say about love

Guy Winch, a family physiologist who has been helping couples for more than 20 years, believes that happiness and satisfaction in a relationship depend on three main factors. More than that, the factors are not intuitive, they require learning and preparation. Skill has to be developed, which requires a lot of practice. Winch’s co-workers also talk about other habits that help them stay satisfied with their relationships for many years.

Here we are telling you about these skills and habits suggested by psychologists. According to psychologists, practicing these skills and habits is as important as brushing your teeth daily.

Here’s how to keep a relationship alive for a long time

1. Compassion

Karuna is the ability to imagine oneself in place of another person and to react to it. To support or comfort them, to be sad or happy together.

After living with someone for a few years, you may think that you know each other well. However, this can be a hindrance in your path to developing mutual empathy in the relationship.

To avoid this mistake, practice your compassion. Try to think by putting yourself in someone else’s place. Close your eyes and try to imagine how they should feel, keeping in mind the character and circumstances of the person.

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Forget your opinion on the problem, try to understand the other person’s feelings. This will allow you to show empathy, which is very important for a happy and healthy relationship.

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2. Emotional Understanding

The previous point leads to this. We mean that when you are in trouble, you are not able to think by putting yourself in someone else’s place. It is also important during an argument between you two.

Of course, during an argument, very few people say, “You have the right to feel this way, and I understand that.” It sounds like it’s saying that it can only make things worse, but it can’t do it.

These words can have a miraculous effect. Your partner will find that you understand their feelings and, even if they are upset, accept what they feel.

One feels relieved by this perception and forgets the negative feelings.

3. Attention and Politeness

We all underestimate the importance of small tasks of humility and meditation. A vicious cycle often appears in relationships: one shows the partner that he is upset, the other does the same, and this leads to a serious conflict.

In that case, meditate – like a bouquet of flowers, a favorite candy bar, a tasty dinner, or a hug. Which can help break this circle easily.

Certainly, if you have victimized someone, this type of situation cannot be resolved with attention and humility. But if the situation is still not bad, do not miss trying this strategy.

4. Partnership

Some couples have a habit of treating each other as roommates. In such a situation, both of them start living their separate lives.

In this situation, some people ignore their partner’s opinion when making decisions. This is the worst thing you can do. This approach is likely to lead to frequent discussions and interruptions.

To avoid this, you have to make important decisions keeping in mind your partner’s opinion. Because these decisions are likely to affect you and your partner’s life.

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5. Emotional Hygiene

Very few people pay as much attention to their psychological health as they do to their physical health. However, psychological injuries hurt us more than physical injuries.

Guy Winch is convinced that the worst enemy to your psychological health is rumor.

Rumor is about thinking the same thing over and over again. Like when you fail in something or get rejected in a relationship, you keep thinking about it for a long time.

Winch believes that whenever you start thinking about negative things, you must consciously do something positive to think.

After a few minutes, you will think of good things and over time it will become a habit.


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