Naini’s name was known for world class industrial products until two and a half decades ago. But with the closure of dozens of companies, the industrial sector is emerging as a hub of education in the last decade. Educational institutions and hostels are being built in the vacant lands of the companies. The changing educational, social environment is the result of Naini’s talent flying high in civil service examinations. Not only the IAS, PCS but also in the 10th and 12th board exams, Naini’s brilliance is constantly shining.

Talents emerged in the civil service Naini’s talent has made it to the merit, having topped UP PCS and IAS for the past several years. Among them, Diwakar Nath Mishra was included in IAS 2000 batch, Anjani Pandey IRS 2010 batch, Ashwani Pandey IAS 2016 batch merit. Similarly, in UP PCS 2013, Pankaj Singh topped the state. He did his BTech from United College and MTech from Shuats.

Navneet Shukla was ranked third in the 2016 PCS. Anupam Mishra in 2017 PCS and Yugantar Tripathi in 2019 PCS brought laurels to Naini by securing second rank in the state. Abhay Singh, who studies and prepares in Naini, has secured the 35th rank in the 2019 PCS. At the same time, Jayashree Singh has become an inspiration to the contestants, achieving success in both 2018 and 2019 year.

Arail-Kazipur Road is the stronghold of schools
. Arail-Kazipur Road in Naini is the stronghold of schools. 2 km More than 40 schools, colleges and dozens of coaching institutes are established in this area. IRS Anjani Pandey, joint commissioner in Gujarat, who lives in Naini, said that the first external students who used to stay and prepare here were successful in the civil service. But now the students living here are becoming more successful.


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