The fall in stock markets around the world including the Gherlu stock market has also affected the wealth of the top-10 billionaires. The wealth of the world’s top-10 nobles has reduced by more than $ 20 billion a day. On Wednesday, the American stock market closed more than 2 percent. The Dow Jones lost 2.05%, or 633 points, to close at 30,303, while the S&P 500 lost nearly 2.57 percent. The same happened for Nasdaq as well, which fell by 2.61 percent. At the same time, the Sensex and Nifty closed down about 2 percent. The Sensex closed down 937.66 points, or 1.94 percent, at 47,409.93. The Nifty fell 271.40 points, or 1.91 percent, to 13,967.50 points.

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On Wednesday, Facebook shares fell 3.51 percent. Amazon shares lost 2.81%, while Tesla shares fell 2.14% on Nasdaq. This also had an impact on the property of their owners. According to Forbes’ real-time billionaire rankings, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos received a shock of $ 5 billion. Tesla CEO Elon Musk received $ 3.7 billion, while Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg suffered a setback of $ 3.5 billion. See how much wealth of the world’s top-12 billionaires decreased

Billionaire Networth in billion dollars
Fall / rise in assets

Jeff bojos 188.4 -5 billion dollars
Elon Musk 186.6
-3.7 billion dollars

Bernard Arnault & Family 148.8
509 million dollars

Bill Gates 120
-1.7 billion dollars

Mark zuckerberg 99.5
-3.5 billion dollars

Zhong Shanshan 90.2
-3.6 billion dollars

Larry Ellison 88.3
526 million dollars

Warren buffett 86.4
-1.4 billion dollars

Larry page 80.1
-3.5 billion dollars

Steve ballmer 78.1
160 million dollars

Sergey Brin 77.8
-3.4 billion dollars

Mukesh Ambani 76
-1.2 billion dollars

Source: Forbes Real Time Billionaire Index

Let us tell you that the real-time billionaire rankings of Forbes provide information about the fluctuations in public holdings everyday. This index is updated every 5 minutes after the stock market opens in different parts of the world. Networth of individuals whose property belongs to a private company is updated once a day.


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