Who does not want to look fit, but Tracy Kiss, who is of Brazilian origin, has undergone surgery several times to improve her look. Single mother Tracy, 33, has undergone 4 boob jobs, nose surgery once and eye surgery twice. Not only this, Vajina has also undergone surgery once. Tracy Kiss says that from design Vajina to other surgeries, she has spent an amount of up to 50 thousand pounds i.e. about 45 lakh rupees. Not only this, she says that women tease her and say that I am stealing their husbands from them. Tracy, who had undergone several surgeries in the last 15 years, first got a boob job in 2006.

Tracy says that women accuse me of being a porn star, Barbie doll and a bad mother. Many women also think that I am after their men. But if people see me then what is my fault in this? I have made all efforts to improve my presence. Apart from this, many surgeries have been done for medical reasons only. Tracy told ‘The Sun’ that women start judging me when I go to school with my children Millie and Gabrielle. Tracy said that many times women start abusing me. Many times I even feel like crying.

After all, why do people annoy me by looking good. Tracy underwent her first surgery in Teenage, when she felt that her body did not look very good. During school time, people considered me very ugly. In such a situation, at the age of 18, I decided to get a boob job for the first time. Tracy, who lives in Buckinghamshire, UK, says that after this surgery she had a lot of problems and once again she underwent surgery. In this way, he had to spend an amount of Rs 45 lakhs to get the operation done and vagina surgery done many times.


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