The video of Nupur Sanon kissing her father went viral

The video of Nupur Sanon kissing her father went viral

Actress Nupur Sanon is enjoying a dance with her father. This video is live on internet. After watching this video, you will realize how much fun these two father-daughter duo are having together. Nupur Senan is dancing with a lot of love by holding her daddy’s hands and mixing steps with beats and music.

Nupur Sanon shared the video on his Instagram and wrote, ‘This video makes me very happy. On one side is my adorable father, who clearly loves to dance and on the other, he is a little girl who is dancing with my childhood hero. Our father is our hero because he takes care of us, loves us and is with us for every little thing in life.

Let me tell you that the fans are expecting to see Nupur Sanon on screen with some interesting projects. Nupur’s most awaited project is ‘Filhaal 2’, which is the sequel to Nupur and Akshay Kumar’s chartbuster ‘Filhaal Song’. Recently the unplugged version of this melody was sung by Nupur himself and till date it is included in the favorite list of fans.


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