The United States is constantly monitoring the ongoing tense situation on the India-China border. A senior Biden administration official said that China is constantly using the tactics to intimidate its neighbors, which is a matter of concern. The official said that the United States is also eyeing the ongoing negotiations between India and China.

US State Department spokesman Net Price told a daily press conference, ‘We are closely monitoring the situation. We are also keeping an eye on the negotiations between the Government of India and China. We are in favor of finding a peaceful solution to the border dispute through dialogue.

In May last year, there was a clash between the soldiers of India and China in the Galvan valley of Ladakh, in which 20 Indian soldiers were killed. This violence was followed by the ninth round of military talks between India and China last month.

Ned Price, while answering a question, said, ‘We are worried about Beijing’s revival of intimidating its neighbors. As always we stand with our friends, colleagues. In the Indian Pacific region, we stand together to protect each other and protect our values. ‘

He also informed that the US is constantly in touch with the Indian government. He said, ‘This is the policy not just for India but for each of our allied countries. We are committed to supporting democratic values ​​including a free and open civil society and strong rule of law. ‘


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