Exclusive: Government called Twitter officials for questioning, sought answers to these questions

The Twitter Worker Was Seen Sleeping In The Office Due To Work Pressure, His Job Was Saved: Elon Musk has made several changes to Twitter since taking ownership. Those changes have had the biggest impact on Twitter employees. 50% of the company’s workforce has already been laid off, with social media abuzz for the past week. A picture of a female Twitter worker had already gone viral on the net. In that picture, he was seen sleeping on the office floor. Although a fierce debate started over that picture, it is known that the worker was not affected by the mass retrenchment. Even though he was forced to sleep in the office, he was spared from going to work.

According to the LinkedIn profile of the worker named Esther Crawford, she has been working as the director of product management at Twitter for the past two years. Just last week, a picture of him sleeping on the floor of the office caused a stir on the internet. Although many expressed their condolences to him, a section of netizens criticized Twitter’s ‘work culture’.

The photo was shared by Evan Jones, Product Manager at Twitter Spaces. In the photo, Evan’s ‘boss’ Esther was curled up in a sleeping bag and sleeping with a sleeping mask over her eyes. Evan shared and retweeted that picture. He wrote in the caption, ‘When the team has to work all day to meet the deadline, there is never an option but to sleep at work.’

According to news agency sources, Elon Musk pushed the work deadline forward after taking over at Twitter. As a result, employees have to work more hours than the scheduled office hours. It was reported that Musk directly ordered that if you want to save your job, you have to work 12 hours a day and seven days a week. That is what the workers are forced to do to meet the deadline. Apparently, netizens got the answer to the question of why Esther had to sleep in the office.

After Esther’s picture went viral on the net, netizens were outraged about Twitter’s work culture. They are sure about the inhumane pressure being put on the workers by fear of losing their jobs in order to increase the profit of the company. However, Esther’s job has reportedly survived despite the massive layoffs.

Esther chose Twitter as a medium to respond to critics. In response to criticism from netizens, he wrote, ‘Since many people do not understand, I am explaining. Doing hard work often requires sacrificing a lot of things, like time, energy, etc. My team is spread all over the world who are bravely trying to do something new. So it is important for me to do this to keep them strong.’

He also wrote, ‘I work with some incredibly talented and ambitious people at Twitter, and we’re going through a tough time right now. There’s going to be a huge cultural and business shift that we have less than a week to do. The employees of all departments like product design, engineering, law, finance, marketing, etc. are trying their best.’


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