Army Chief General MM Narwane said on Thursday that the threat to India has only diminished after the withdrawal of troops from the Pangong Lake area in eastern Ladakh following an agreement with China, it is not over. He said it would be wrong to say that Chinese troops are still sitting in areas in eastern Ladakh that were under India’s control before the deadlock began in May last year.

Referring to the situation in the mountainous region, Narwane said in the ‘India Economic Conclave’ that military power in the areas behind the Line of Actual Control (LAC) remained as it was when it reached the height of tension at the border.

Asked if he agreed with Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s comment that he said that the Chinese did not come under the territory controlled by India. To this Narwane replied yes. He said that there are many areas which are not under anyone’s control. So where we are controlling, we were in those areas and where they (the Chinese) are controlling, they were in those areas.

Tension persists: Narwane said that patrolling has not started in the area, as the tension is still high and there is always a situation of confrontation. He said that there are some areas where we have to discuss.

There is no camp to remove radicalism: Army Chief General MM Narwane said on Thursday that there is no camp like the one to remove radicalism in Jammu and Kashmir. The government aims to promote education and employment opportunities for the youth of the Union Territory. He said that the situation in Jammu and Kashmir has improved significantly.


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