Hearing about the Permanent Commission for Women in the Army, the Supreme Court said that the Army’s standards regarding this are absurd and arbitrary. Not only this, while hearing the application of 650 short service commission women officers, the apex court also made a strong comment about Indian society. The court said that the structure of India’s society is such that it is made by men and for men. Along with this, the court has asked the Army to reconsider the application of 650 women within two months and be given a permanent commission. The Army’s way of assessing the capacity of women deployed in the Short Service Commission is arbitrary and absurd.

The court said in its 137-page judgment, ‘We have to accept here that our society has a structure, which is designed by men and for men. There are even some things that never seem harmless, but there are fraudulent signs of patriarchal system. ‘ The Supreme Court has directed the Army to consider giving permanent commission to women officers within two months and following the prescribed procedure, they should be given permanent commission within 2 months. The Supreme Court said that it will continue in the army and they will take advantage of all the benefits.

The Supreme Court termed the medical fitness criteria for women officers for the Permanent Commission arbitrary and irrational. The Supreme Court held that the evaluation criteria adopted by the military lead to discrimination of women. The Supreme Court, while hearing the case related to the permanent commission to women officers in the Indian Army, has made sharp remarks. Supreme Court Judge DY Chandrachud said that the ceiling of 250 has not been passed till 2010. He said that the data that has been put on record completely demolishes the benchmarking of the case.


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