The Strong Have Left The Field: What Happened To Belgium?: It was after those words from Kevin De Bruyne that Belgium really started to lose. Their World Cup dreams were dashed when they played as a team and quarrels and fights broke out between them. The fact that the team was eliminated when it was second in the FIFA ranking made the fans very disappointed.

Belgian fans watched the 2022 World Cup with high expectations. The fans firmly believed that the strong Belgian line, which includes the best goalkeeper Courtois, Kevin De Bruyne, who will score goals with Haaland in Manchester City, and star striker Romelu Lukaku, will erase the stain of the last time.

Having failed in the semi-finals last time, Belgium had to settle for third place, and this time the only goal was the title. The fans also firmly believed that the strategies of the coach Roberto Martinez, who was with the team last time, would make the team strong.

But, disappointing the expectations of the fans, Belgium was eliminated in the group stage itself.


What really happened to Belgium?

Belgium kicked off their World Cup campaign with a 0-0 win over Canada in their first match. This was not a game that could be called Belgium. However, the team’s success boosted the confidence of the players.

But that confidence level crumbled like a house of cards when they suffered a shock defeat to Morocco in the next match. Belgium really started to lose from that moment when the confidence of the team and the main players disappeared.

Meanwhile, superstar Kevin De Bruyne’s words were discussed in the football world. De Bruyne said they were getting old and that if Belgium had any chance of winning the World Cup it was the last time.


“Last time there were many good players on the team, but they are not with us now. There are many young players in the team but they are not going to fill their gap,’ said De Bruyne.

After losing to Morocco by two goals, the star’s remark once again gave way to controversy. The remark even led to arguments and scuffles within the team.

Courtois, who was the team’s goalkeeper, and coach Roberto Martinez came out against De Bruyne’s remarks.


There were reports that the loss to Morocco and this comment by the star even led to fistfights in the dressing room.

According to reports, Yann Vertong turned the remark the other way around to make matters worse. The problems became more complicated when Vertong came to the dressing room after the match with Morocco and asked if the lack of pace of attack was the main reason for Belgium’s defeat.

Then Belgium captain Eden Hazard got into a heated war of words with Kevin De Bruyne and Vertong. Hazard blamed the lack of speed on the defense, which included Vertong, and that was the reason for the defeat.


When the incident was about to get out of hand, super striker Romelu Lukaku intervened to calm the scene.

After this, Belgium came to the match against Croatia. Modric and his team entered the field confident that at least a draw was enough. But the victory was all Belgium needed.

Belgium had many chances to reach that victory. Many scoring opportunities opened up in front of them but they could not find the target.

Even super-type Romelu Lukaku couldn’t hit the ball in his natural style on the field. Belgium would have been knocked out had he been able to score at least one of the chances he got.


But they returned with a draw and ended their World Cup ambitions. Their journey does not end here and they are sure to come back for their fans.



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