The Story Of The Son Of A Church Imam Who Is A World-Famous Footballer: Sadio Mane was born in Bambali, Senegal. As early as five or six years old, he would run with the ball. In a country where there is no shortage of poverty, children often played football to relieve hunger.

One day while he was playing, his cousin came running and said: ‘Sadio… your uncle has died

He didn’t believe that truth at first. He is only seven years old. Sadio Mane has often spoken about his father’s death. He was sick for weeks but there was no hospital in that country to treat him. Traditional folk medicines were given to people when they fell ill. Sometimes live a few more days or die.

At the age of fifteen, he ran away from the country with the passion to become a footballer. He went to Dakar, the country’s capital, and played football. Mane, who initially played in local clubs, gradually moved to second-division clubs. It was while playing for the Mets that Red Bull Salzburg noticed the skinny black guy.


The Mets, who initially asked for $2 million to leave the club, later reduced it to $4 million. Red Bull got him for that amount. Southampton signed him for twelve million euros exactly two years later when he arrived in the English Premier League.

And two years later, Sadio Mane became the most valuable African footballer until then when Liverpool bought him for 34 million.

Sadio Mane is one of the ten highest-paid players in world football today. What do we need for him to get paid that much? Let’s say the weight.

Once during a trip, the phone with a broken display in his hand came into the eyes of the media. That picture became news. Later it was asked in an interview.
Here’s Sadio Mane’s answer:


‘Why do I have ten Ferraris? Twenty diamond watches? Or two planes? What good do these things do for me and the world?
I had to work in the fields when I was hungry. I survived the difficult time. He played football barefoot. At that time I lost my education and many other things.
But today I thank football. I can help my people.


Schools and stadiums were built. We delivered clothes, shoes and food to people in extreme poverty. And 70 euros per month is given to all people in the poorest areas of Senegal.

I don’t want to show off luxury cars and houses, I want my people to get a little bit of the life I got.’


This is not just a word. He built a big hospital at a cost of five lakh euros in Bambali where his own father died without receiving treatment. He spent more on schools and other services. The hunger of every family in the native land has changed.
Sadio Mane was honored with the first-ever Socrates Award for Social Services at the Ballon d’Or, world football’s biggest awards ceremony.

A man who shares what Patachon gave to the people around him. Tens of thousands of people in Senegal must have cried when the news came that Mane would miss the World Cup due to an injury in the last game. Despite not being a favorite in the World Cup, the country loves the man so much. It gives hope. Finally, Patachon did not give up on him either. Sadio Mane will play in the World Cup.


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