Chief Minister: Tripura Government's Main Focus Is To Deliver The Benefits Of People-Oriented Projects To The People

The State Government Has Revised The Rules Of Grant-In-Aid – Tripura News: Own correspondent, Agartala, 20 November In order to maintain complete transparency, the Council of Ministers in its last Cabinet meeting amended the Tripura Grant-in-Aid (Government-aided Infrastructure) Rules 2005 and added several rules for the smooth running of these infrastructures. Education Minister Ratanlal Nath said this while talking to reporters at the Secretariat here today
Claiming the amendment as a first, the Education Minister said that there are 43 grant-in-aid schools across the state which are managed by the School Management Committee, and the cost is borne by the government. In 2005, the then government framed a rule for the management of grant-in-aid schemes and no revisions have been initiated so far. These schools are facing problems due to a lack of teachers or a sufficient number of teachers or head teachers

The Education Minister said that the government has amended the rules as per the recommendations of the committee constituted to see what amendments could be made in the Tripura Grant-in-Aid (Government-Aided Sucol) Rules, 2005.
The newly revised rules for grant-in-aid schemes were passed in the last cabinet meeting Primary schools with a minimum of 200 students have not made any changes in classes I to V Earlier, a Senior Basic Sukola from Class VI to VIII was required to have a minimum of 250 students and now, a Sukola can have the same number of students from Class I to VIII while a minimum of 120 students from Class VI to VIII. Sukle had a minimum of 400 students from the sixth to the tenth standard and now, there should be the same number of students from the first to the tenth standard. Colleges for classes VI to XII must have a minimum of 600 students and now, colleges can have the same number of students for classes I to XII and a minimum of 350 students for classes VI to XII is mandatory.
The Education Minister also informed that the new rules include HTC (Home Travel Concession) for government-aided colleges. Earlier, the managing committee of these colleges had the power to appoint anyone from their preferred list But now a committee has to be constituted with the consent of the Director of the Sukol Education Department for the appointment of teachers in these Sukols Moreover, the ratio of students and teachers should be maintained as per government system Many schools have no head teacher, no DDO (Drawing and Disbursement Officer). The amendment is simplified as Assistant Headmasters (ATMs) can be promoted with the permission of SMC if they have one year of experience. Where PG teacher with 7 years experience can be promoted to AHM These appointments will be made by a Board constituted by the SMC and approved by the Director
It may be mentioned here that 26,409 students, 1,052 teaching staff including 153 UG teachers, 413 graduate teachers, 479 PG teachers, and seven ATMs. Apart from them, the non-teaching staff includes 126 in Group C and 249 in Group D category

He also said that every five years the progress of students will be reviewed in each school and if it is found that standards are not being maintained. Then Sukol will be given two years to overcome the situation If still, the SUCL does not get good results, it can be merged with the nearest Grant-in-Aid SUCL. Also, the grantee teacher may be transferred to another nearest government-aided facility for a one-time transfer if the managing committee demands the teacher.


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