Hollywood star Orlando Bloom has revealed that his fiancée Katy Perry and he are not able to have enough sex after the birth of their daughter Daisy Dove. According to a report by Female First Dot UK, when asked about her sex life, she said, “Not enough. While we only have one child.”

Bloom had previously married model Miranda Kerr, but according to him neither Kiss nor Perry gave the best kiss. Regarding his best kiss so far, he said that when he was 17 years old, his girlfriend Debbie gave him the best kiss.

On the other hand, he said about the most amazing love of his life, in this case, before Perry his love for his child and his late pet dog Mighty is important. He said, “My son Flynn and my daughter Daisy Dove, my belly Mighty and then my fiancée after that.”

Let us know that when his dog Mighty was lost, Bloom broke badly. The body was found about a week after Mitty’s disappearance last year. Bloom says that Mighty taught him to love and be loyal.


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