On arriving at the Corona vaccine from India, Prime Minister of Dominican Republic Roosevelt Skerritt has praised PM Modi and the people of India. From India, 35,000 corona vaccines have arrived in this island country. Due to this, half of the people of 72 thousand population will be able to save their lives. The Dominican PM said that I did not expect to get help from India as a vaccine so soon. On 19 January, he appealed to the Government of India to send the medicine.

A vaccine-laden plane arrived from Dominica’s Douglas-Charles Airport on Tuesday. The vaccine arrived from the Air National Guard plane in the neighboring country of Barbados. PM Skerrit himself and his cabinet colleagues were present to receive the vaccine. Not only this, the PM and his cabinet colleagues assisted in getting the drugs off the plane. The Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine made in India has been delivered to Caribbean countries.

At a formal event held after the vaccine arrived, the Dominican PM said, ‘I would say that I did not even imagine that our requests would get an answer so soon. One can understand that in such a serious crisis, it is a challenge for any country to protect itself. In such a situation, this was possible due to the efforts made by PM Narendra Modi. He accepted our demands on the basis of merit and accepted the equality of our people. ‘

Dominical PM thanked Prime Minister Narendra Modi for his call to save the world, not just the country in the Corona crisis. Please tell that vaccines have been sent from India to Barbados as well. Let me tell you that the American pop singer tweeting in the case of farmer movement is originally from Barbados. However, ignoring this, India helped Barbados as a vaccine. India has decided to provide 24 million doses to a total of 25 countries of the world including neighboring countries. These countries include Uganda, Ecuador, Nicaragua, Morocco and Namibia.


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