Former MP MP Kamal Nath's brother-in-law's killer arrested in a police encounter, murdered with the intention of robbery

The Police Have To Separate The Wheat From The Chaff, Who Are We To Judge And Blame? – Anju Parvathy Writes: Victims of suicide include those who take voluntary retirement from life due to a single moment of stupidity, emotion getting the upper hand over reason or reason. It is also a fact that when such people return like that, their loved ones are in a state of burning to death in the void created by their departure. But he also has a strong sense that when the general public hears suicide news, it can immediately be a murder. That compulsion was seen recently when mime star Ullas Pandalam’s wife committed suicide.

Studies have shown that suicides are contagious. The results of research on the subject in many countries including India say that such news leads to another suicide trend (Copycat Suicide) and thus creates conditions for suicide contagion to grow as a social problem. In light of this, the World Health Organization (WHO) and the International Suicide Prevention Group (IASP) have prepared a policy document for publishing news related to suicide. The Press Council of India has also given guidelines for this. But here, if there is suicide news, the media will do a hundred kinds of reporting on it. Many online media outlets will do their best to boost ratings by writing things that are not true.

Since Ullas Pandalam is a celebrity, his wife’s suicide has a wider reach. Many online journalists are reporting the incident by taking up the CBI-style investigation. There is no judgment in the comments under that news. It is a slap in the face of a husband who forgets to make his wife laugh despite making society laugh. She was not the only wife who drew death without a suicide note; But also a mother. As is commonly seen, when a daughter commits suicide, a wife who calls it husband abuse or domestic violence is not a matter of family hilarity. Yet we are eager to make him a killer. Despite taking the statements of neighbors and local people on online channels, he does not see anything sinister in them. But we insist that it should be domestic violence.

In an online channel, the little girl next door says that they only know about their life on the outside and don’t know what goes on inside the house. The same should be said about the people at home. That’s right. Only the members of that house know what happened there that night. That means for fun and children. It is up to the police to record their statements and separate the wheat from the chaff. They will do that. Until then, who are we to judge and blame?

There are many men around us who shed tears on the outside because it is an unwritten rule that does not belong to a male birth. As all the practices and rules in the public society are women-friendly, we should learn to look at the lives of men who are stuck in life due to domestic violence. Domestic violence is not just a one-sided process. It is a two-way process. There are innumerable men’s lives, just like the women’s lives that burn out in married life. There are people who get caught in the net spread by women and are killed. However, if a woman commits suicide due to a momentary emotional outburst or depression, the culprit is her partner. Because in the public consciousness even today, domestic violence means that the female is the victim and the male is the predator. Another thought is not valid here.

Nandagopan in Kamaldalam is not just a sight in silver light. Many living Nandagopans are walking through the threat of death, seeking refuge in alcohol, wondering why the Sumamar whom they loved as much as their lives had succumbed to a moment’s stupidity. Some people come out of it and move on with their lives. But enlightened Kerala insists on giving such people the bad fate of Nandagopas. While writing this note, Nandagopan’s soul lament that “Ne Dipanalmai Port in Menulchirathil” is randomly echoing in my mind.


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