The Place Where The Cutout Is Placed Is Not Under The Jurisdiction Of, MLA PTA Rahim Said That He Is With Messi And Neymar: The place where the cutout is placed is not under the jurisdiction of the Panchayat or the Municipal Corporation; MLA PTA Rahim said that he is with Messi and Neymar

Kozhikode: Local MLA Adv. PTA Rahim. The MLA said that the argument raised by some for cheap publicity has no basis.

His response was through a Facebook post. He pointed out that the place where the cutouts were installed does not come under the jurisdiction of the Gram Panchayat or Municipal Corporation and it is a part given away by the government for the drinking water system.

He added that when he visited the place, he realized that the cutouts do not affect the natural flow of the river in any way.

The full version of MLA’s Facebook post

There is no basis for the argument that the cutouts of Messi and Neymar installed in Pullavur should be removed. The place where the cutouts were installed is on the border of Chathamangalam gram panchayat and Koduvalli municipality but is not under the jurisdiction of the two local bodies.

This is the part given by the government for the drinking water system of NIT. During the visit, it was confirmed that the cutouts installed in the area adjacent to the NIT’s check dam will not affect the natural flow of the river in any way.

The argument raised by some for cheap publicity is baseless.
Messi and Neymar are with the cheers of football fans on this issue.
It is with the game of football that unites people across countries and languages.


Lawyer Sreejith Perumana had filed a complaint demanding the removal of giant cutouts from the river, which had been taken up by football enthusiasts from all over the world.

Earlier, Chathamangalam panchayat had withdrawn from the demand to remove cutouts. Chathamangalam Panchayat President Gafur Olikal said that the panchayat did not issue a written notice to change the cutouts and only investigated and investigated the complaint.

“When we say that we have received a complaint, we are ready to remove it if there is such a complaint,” some of them said. This is what was said yesterday. Apart from this, the panchayat has not taken any action against it.

As far as the Panchayat is concerned, it can stand on the side of the people. We all feel that those cutouts should be kept there,” said the Chathamangalam panchayat president.

Last day, news broke that the panchayat president had instructed the officials of the fans association to remove the cutouts.

Meanwhile, the Koduvalli Municipal Corporation has come forward to dispute the ownership of the river. Pullover Cherupuzha is under Koduvalli Municipal Corporation and Chathamangalam Panchayat cannot take action on the cutouts, Municipal Corporation Chairman V. Abdurrahman said.

He clarified that cutouts are not causing damage to the river and even if complaints are received, the municipality will stand with the fans. Pullover river falls under Koduvalli municipality. We are total with the players here. The municipality fully embraces the enthusiasm of the players.

The municipality has not yet received any complaint in this regard. If there is any legal issue it can be checked later. It is still not understood that these cutouts significantly obstruct the natural flow of the river. Therefore, Koduvalli Municipal Corporation is with the players and the spirit of the game,” Chairman V. Abdurrahman said.

At the same time, football fans thronged the area as the campaign to remove the Messi-Neymar cutouts from the river intensified. A section of fans said that Ronaldo’s cutout of Cristiano will also be placed in the river today


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