The Mother-In-Law Who Also Clings To Luke Who Clings To The Locals, The Tiger Caught The Tiger: Roshak is a masterpiece in the history of Malayalam cinema that has many layers and can be interpreted in many ways. The Mammootty-starrer film takes a different path of revenge. All the characters in the film are presented in shades of grey.

What they do and say can be interpreted in many different ways. Luke is the most terrifying character in the film. He used an entire country for his revenge. There is a character in Roshak who is like Luke. Sujata’s mother.

She is a grieving mother to her widowed daughter and her exhausted husband. In the film, Sujata’s mother is seen narrating her husband’s abuse to Luke before collapsing. When Luke asks them if they were looking for a divorce, they say that it doesn’t happen in a house with money.


Sujata’s mother says that being a girl is a liability, whoever it is, try to put it down. After marriage, the woman’s heaven and hell are under her husband’s feet. After hearing Sujata’s mother’s words, Luke gets the idea that he can hurt Dileep by marrying Sujata.

He soon expresses his desire to marry Sujata. Realizing the good fortune of her daughter, the mother urges her to get married. But when he realizes that Sujata will not give in, Luke tactfully tells Sita there and leaves Piri Kate. And that’s where Luke’s strategy works. Sujata agrees to marry Sita because of Vashi.

But Sujata, who understands Luke’s uniqueness, leaves him later. Knowing her daughter’s plight, the mother decides to stay with her. When Luke comes to call Sujata back, her mother openly tells her that she is not interested in the relationship. When Luke asks if his mother said that there is no divorce here, they reply that if she says so, the current pillar will cut her lapel and beat her.


Luke, who believed Sujata’s mother’s words that a woman’s heaven and hell are under her husband’s feet, is relieved. Luke puts forward the idea of ​​taking them to the Gulf, but Sujata, who knows all the stories of Luke and Dileep from Satheesan, realizes that Sujata will not come again. In fact the only innocent character in the film is Sujatha’s mother. But a move made by listening to their words goes wrong for Luke.

Dubbing artist Sreeja Ravi played Sujata’s mother in the film. His was a very interesting character development. They have presented it beautifully. It was interesting to hear the call Marumon sir and the question whether it is Dubai in the Gulf.


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