The migrant laborers living in Surat city of Gujarat have been resenting the fear of lockdown with increasing corona cases. In such a situation, in the hope of reaching their homes once again, the laborers are going towards their homes by paying double the rent. Although the Metropolitan Municipality and several other organizations have tried to convince the migrants that the lockdown is only a rumor, but no one is ready to accept it. Let us tell you that for the last few days the migration of laborers from different parts of Surat is going on. The rate of lockdown has become so prevalent among the people that people are just traveling with arbitrary high rents.

Due to this, some travel agents and bus company operators were detained by the Khatodara police yesterday. Police feared that these people had spread rumors of a lockdown across the city to make a big profit. At the same time, the bus operators say that they have not seduced people, but people themselves are coming to take tickets from them. In such a situation, the administration, leaders and many organizations are trying to stop the laborers, but every day about one to two to two thousand workers are returning to their homes from a dozen buses.

The administration, with the help of many people, is preventing bus operators from chasing the bus but they are not ready to accept, in such a situation, they also have a problem as to who should not let them run the bus. According to the information, the police have started continuous action to stop the migrants. A case has been registered against 5 agents so far. Apart from this, all unauthorized counters are being closed. The police are announcing themselves among the people to ignore the rumor. Lockdown will not take place. Especially in places where the number of workers is high. Apart from this, CP Ajay Tomar and the administration have also appealed to the people that the talk of lockdown is only a rumor. Nobody will go anywhere.

Explain that due to the increasing cases of Corona, the Gujarat government has announced a night curfew in cities like Ahmedabad, Surat, Vadodara and Rajkot. Apart from this, some restrictions have also been put in place to prevent the growing cases of corona. Let us know that every day more than 1,000 new corona cases are coming to Gujarat.


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