It is said that there is a turning point in life when it seems as if everything is missing from hands, there is nothing left in life, there is no way to live nor support in sorrow. If you overcome that turn, then there is no warrior bigger than you. The younger daughter-in-law of TV, Rubina Dilaik, has also faced a similar phase in life. This was a period when there was no ray of hope left in his life. She was defeated and broken from all sides and had made the decision that would ruin her and her loved ones’ lives.

That round came 7 years ago

The life of the younger daughter-in-law of TV, Rubina Dilaik, was shattered at one point of her life, she was going to take such a big decision. (PHOTOS- MANAV MANGALANI)
Bigg Boss 14 winner Rubina Dillak appeared like a force in this house. Who can fight the world alone. But about 7 years ago, the matter was different. Because Rubina had gone into depression. Then she used to sit alone for hours. She felt insecure. Neither personal life was on track nor was she able to handle professional life. Neither had any friends in life. She was feeling completely alone.

Suicide decision was taken
The situation was such that Rubina wanted to commit Dilac. He himself told this to Salman Khan in Bigg Boss house. But he fought and won this battle as well. At that time Rubina helped herself. Heard such things that inspired him. He took everything seriously happening with himself and understood it. Took up to counseling. Calms the mind through yoga and meditation. At the same time, Rubina’s family also helped the actress in this. And today Rubina’s personality has changed. He is stronger, determined and self-sufficient than before.


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