The Knife Used To Kill Vishnu Priya Was Made By Himself, The Accused Left The Weapons Changed His Clothes, And Went To His Father’s Hotel: The knife used to kill Vishnupriya in Kannur Panur

The police found that accused Shyamjit had made it himself. Police have also found weapons used to make knives. The police also said that iron and a hammer were bought to make a knife (Vishnu Priya knife made by the accused himself).

After the murder, efforts were also made by Shyamjit to divert the investigation. After the murder, the accused abandoned his weapons and went to his father’s hotel after changing his clothes. Also helped in serving food. He collected the hair from the barber shop and deposited it in the bag where the weapon was left. The accused testified that this was done to mislead the investigation.

When the police checked Shyamjit’s room, it was found that Shyamjit tried to call Vishnupriya by putting another SIM on the phone. Those SIM cards have been recovered. I got the rope in the bag from the room. The accused’s bike was taken into custody by the police.

Weapons used to kill were also recovered. In the evidence conducted by the police with the accused Shyamjit, 2 knives, hammers, clothes worn by the accused at the time of the murder, chili powder, a power bank, a screwdriver, and hat gloves were recovered.

The statement given was that after killing Priya, Vishnu hid the weapons in a place near Shyamjit’s house in Manantheri. Then the evidence was taken to the area.

The weapons were kept in a bag in a shed near the house. The knife and hammer used for the murder were recovered from the bag. Also, the clothes Asama was wearing were found stained with blood. There was also chili powder in the bag which was kept to prevent the murder if Vishnupriya tried to prevent it in any way. Shyamjit, who came to the area after the murder, put the weapons and the clothes he was wearing at that time in the bag and lowered the machete into the swamp.

Meanwhile, Vishnupriya’s post-mortem will be conducted today. The postmortem was conducted at Kannur Government Medical College, Pariyaram. The accused will be produced in court in the evening.

It is already clear that Shyamjith, a resident of Manantheri, Arumkola Koothuparam of Panur Vallayai, Vishnupriya, was single-handedly planned and executed. Vishnupriya’s enmity over her withdrawal from love led to the brutal murder. The police have also identified the shop where the accused bought the weapon. At these places, the police will take evidence with the accused. Mukundan, a nearby resident, had seen the suspect who had come for the murder and was monitoring the area. The accused came on the pretense of being a KSEB employee.

Panur is yet to recover from the shock of the brutal Arumkola. Vishnupra’s friend, who had seen the accused through video call, will be the key witness in the case. He will be produced at the magistrate’s house in the evening. After the post-mortem, Vishnupriya’s cremation will be held this evening.


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