It is often seen that those who perform well in academic education are left behind in the turbulence of life. The meritorious of the class find themselves entangled in the actual behavior. Therefore, in modern times, more importance is given to EQ ie Emotional Quotient than IQ.

Emotional quotient i.e. emotional intelligence teaches us to solve problems with people by interacting, balancing and reconciliation. Emotional intelligence has a special effect among all the great people who have happened in the world. Most of the saints and responsible people in India were rich in emotional quotient.

There is also an old saying that “he who knows how to speak comes to everyone”. This refers to the emotional quotient. Only one person with EQ can keep each thing better. In the interview of important posts of government service, this quality is tested most in the participant.

Success comes from the struggle of daily life. In this, only the rich of emotional quotient can move forward. This is the reason that the ability of a leader is not only his intelligence. How does he become a leader or captain and take all the comrades ahead. CAS brings responsibility and solutions to its problems, on which its success depends most. There are many examples of such people in India and the world.


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