The India Box Office Report-October: The ‘Kantara’ Movie That Broke The Silver Screen: The India Box Office Report-October: The India Box Office Report for October is here. How many films were released in which language in the country as a whole in that month? How many collections did they get? Which movie is the highest-grosser of all? This report is comprehensively submitted to the Gods of the audience.

All the films released in October collected Rs 772 crore. The major share in this is Kantara film. This toy was released in Kannada in September, while in Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, and Malayalam it was released in October. Therefore Kantara collections were mentioned in the September report as well as in the October report.

Kantara film.. sizzled the Indian silver screen in October.. glittered.. mesmerized. The Indian silver screen has made it proud. The film collected a combined total of 346 crores across all languages ​​in September and October. In the top 10 films in October, Kantara is followed by Godfather, Ramsethu, Sardaar, Black Adam, ThankGod, Prince, Doctorji, Jaya Jaya Jaya Jayahe, Gandhara Gudi.

Kantara movie achieved a rare feat in October. It is known as the one and only movie to cross the 100-crore mark. Godfather 89 crores, Ramsethu 88 crores, Sardar 68 crores, Black Adam 59 crores, Thank God 39 crores, Prince 35 crores, Doctorji 30 crores, Jaya Jaya Jayahe 24 crores, and Gandada Gudi 23 crores. Including October, the total collections so far this year have reached 9 thousand 24 crore rupees.

It is remarkable that out of the total amount of 346 crores of Kantara movies, about 47 percent comes in Kannada alone. It is noteworthy that the Hindi version is leading in the remaining 53 percent. Kantara movie.. overall this year.. in terms of collections has got the number-3 rank. KGF Chapter 2 and Triple R occupy the top two positions.

The year 2022 will stand as “The Best” at the Indian box office if the movies that come before the audience in the months of November and December earn at least 1924 crore rupees. Enters a new chapter in the history of Indian cinema. With 10 thousand 948 crore rupees, this record has remained in the name of the year 2019 so far.

According to the data till September, Ponniyan Selvan was in the 3rd position in the list of top-10 pictures this year. But.. Kantara occupying the 3rd position in the report updated in October is a point to be noted. Due to this, Ponnayan Selvan’s rank fell from 3rd to 4th. Gangubai Kathiawadi movie, which remained at the bottom of the top-10 list in September, disappeared this time with Kantara’s entry.

If we look at the collections of all the films released across the country from January to October language-wise, the share of Kannada films has increased to 9 percent this time, which has never been seen before. KGF Chapter-2 and Kantara became big hits and the collections of Kannada movies reached an all-time high. By September, this share was recorded at 8 percent. Compared to 2019, it is almost double.

And.. the majority share of these 10 months’ collections is from Hindi films. After that.. there are Telugu movies. The share of Hindi movies is 33% and the share of Telugu movies is 22%. This year, 37% of the Hindi box office collections came from the dubbing of Telugu, Tamil, and Kannada movies into those languages. Meanwhile, the share of Tamil films was 19% till September and fell to 18% by October.


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