The Incident In Which A Soldier And His Brother Were Beaten Up In Kollam, Action Against Four Policemen And Departmental Investigation: Action will be taken against four policemen in Kollam Kilikollur where a soldier and his brother were trapped in a fake case and brutally beaten up. Killikollur SHO will be transferred. It is also recommended not to give law and order duty. Three policemen including SI will be transferred outside the district. A departmental inquiry will also be conducted against four policemen for serious misconduct. An order in this regard will be issued soon. ( Kollam Kilikollur police station incident ).

The strong action comes after the incident in which the soldier and his brother hit the head of the ASI of Kilikollur station who came to bail the accused in the ganja case. The victims revealed that the policemen who were on duty at the police station brutally beat them one by one and crippled them.

The soldier’s brother had made serious allegations against the police in the incident. Vignesh said that he and his brother were beaten like dogs and Vishnu was slapped on the cheek when he said he was a soldier. Vishnu’s Kanchi-pulling finger snapped. Vignesh responded to Twentyfour that he was brutally beaten in front of the women police officers in only his underwear.

ASI Prakash Chandran was injured above the eye by a blow given by the soldier while defending himself. As the truth came out, Kilikollur S.I.A.P. Anish, Senior CPO R. Prakash Chandran, and VR Dileep were transferred by the commissioner.

Words of Vignesh, brother of soldier Vishnu

“They were fooling everyone, including the media. They ruined my life and my brother’s life. The phone recordings of the call made by a policeman named Manikandan at the station are in hand. When I went to the station for bail, I backed out as soon as I came to know that it was a MADMA case. He knows that too.

On his way back from the station, he saw a mother who had an accident on the road and took her to the auto. We were harassed because a policeman who was present there had pointed out that other policemen had supported him in the problem caused by his drunkenness.

When he said that he was a soldier, he slapped Chetan’s cheek. The shirt was also torn. My phone was taken. Then he was taken to the SI and they also beat him. The policeman’s forehead was cut when both of them fell on the ground while beating the brother. Anish and CI Vinod came running and dragged Chetan’s body, locked his head, and took him to where there was no camera. Another policeman came and pointed at me saying that he is also there. Then the beating started. We were beaten like dogs.

SI Anish behaved like a pakka goon. Chetan’s scissor-pulling finger snapped. All four of my fingers snapped. Like the Kalapani movie, it was dragged in by the leg. Chetan was only wearing underwear. The woman was beaten in front of the policemen. When the brother asked for water while crying, despite being handcuffed I crawled away and got the water. Even the bottle had blood on it. He beat me again and again saying that you are the only one. It is people like these who give the entire police force a bad name.

The DGP Thiruvananthapuram has directed Range AG to seek a report on the incident. Two months ago, Saikan Vishnu and his brother Vignesh, a native of Karikode, were brutally beaten by the police and caught in a false case. The fabricated case was that those who came to bail the accused in the MDMA case beat up the police. But only transfer action has been taken against the accused policemen.


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