The Forester, Who Knows Plants, Trees And Birds, Does Not Ask Who This Is, For This Person Is Not Silent: With The Post V.K. Lord Rama: Apart from acting, VK is an actor who gets attention with beautiful Facebook posts. Lord Rama. Sriraman’s post on Facebook about his visit to Mammootty’s house is now gaining attention.

The post has also said that Sri Rama, who recorded the conversations with Mammootty without mentioning his name, should not ask him who this is. Sriraman has shared a picture taken from behind with the post saying that it was taken without anyone knowing because photography is prohibited.

‘The forester walked ahead telling me the vernacular and scientific names of plants, trees, parrots, and butterflies. As there is a warning that photography is prohibited, Vanyan’s photo was taken with a hidden camera from behind. Still, with his wise eyes, he saw it and turned around to look at me and tried to incinerate me. I am a person who has served Vaduthalavadassery Unnimakota and Kandar Muthappan, so I cannot do anything today. Can’t just leave it alone though? I raised an environmental issue.


Why did you put concrete like this? What is the ecological balance of the natural rainforest?’ I am sure you will be shocked to hear my wisdom in that question. But without showing it, he said this. Muddy soil. If it is not concrete, the walker will lose balance and fall flat.

‘But then I was thinking of another way’ What way? ‘Make a trench and hold it with mangroves on both sides. And then come home in a mosquito boat through that stream? And let’s sing that song too’ which song? ‘Akashapoikail dutu pinone thonei’ is not a female voice? ‘Heard it as a duvet too’ was no answer.

Then I asked. ‘What are you thinking about, Mundila?’ I was wondering when I invited you here. After saying that, after a while, the wild description continued again.


At the same time, interesting comments are also coming to Shri Ram’s post. One comment says, ‘Those hands tied behind the back are enough to identify you as Mr. Rametta.’ ‘Even every hair of this wild animal is well known to the Malayali. Not to mention the sound. Another comment said, ‘Malayalees know the shape behind Kunchako Boban, Mr Rametta.’

Even if he saw the facet on the back, he turned around. Old man, this is our own man, and this is not the Varunni of Mrigaya, the question is why? All the angels here are well known to us, the CBI, Patel’s gun is still in hand… The comments go like one needle, it will be 17-22 years after looking back.

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