The five contestants who got emotional after seeing their journey on the show

Bigg Boss season 14 is just over. Everyone is eagerly waiting for the grand finale, when hosts Salman Khan will declare Rahul Vaidya, Nikki Tamboli, Ali Goni, Rubina Dilac and Rakhi Sawat the winner of this season of Bigg Boss. At the same time, the five contestants looked quite emotional in the promo of the episode shown on Saturday.

Contestants became emotional after seeing their journey in Bigg Boss house

 In fact, Bigg Boss showed the five families a clip on their Bigg Boss house, seeing that the five contestants became very emotional. Rahul, Rubina’s eyes filled with her journey. Rubina bowed her head and said Bigg Boss, while Ali Goni, Rakhi Sawant and Nikki Tamboli were also very emotional looking at their journeys in Bigg Boss 14 house. Everyone called Bigg Boss a thank you and also praised the show’s format and games.

Rubina asks Bigg Boss to give chance to relationship with Abhinav

In a recent episode, Rubina Dilac was seen praising Bigg Boss 14. He thanked Bigg Boss for giving him and Abhinav Shukla’s relationship a second chance and said, “Soulmates are not two people who show love to each other but are people who make each other better people”. Strong individuals who enhance each other at every point. Sometimes I am ahead of you as air, sometimes I am ahead of you, I am behind you. Relationships are very important. When asked if Bigg Boss house really gave his house a second chance, Rubina replied, “Yes, it is 100 percent correct. After Bigg Boss came into the house, my attitude towards this relationship changed. Gone and I got confidence. And if we don’t come together, it doesn’t happen. “

Rahul and Rubina face a thorn

Let me tell you that there are only two days left in the grand finale of Bigg Boss season 14. Fans are fiercely voting to win their favorite contestants. At the same time, ‘The Khabari’ had told about their latest voting trend, according to which in the voting so far, Rubina Dilac is leading the race to win the Bigg Boss Trophy. Rahul Vaidya is being told on the second number. In such a situation, the direct contest of Bigg Boss 14 winner is seen only between Rahul Vaidya and Rubina Dilac. At the same time, Ali Goni is being told at number three. Now it will be seen that the winner of this season is formed between Rahul, Ali and Rubina or Rakhi and Nikki can also win this race.


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