The Fighting Spirit Of Champions Is Unstoppable: Messi Belongs To That Genus!: ‘Where is Lionel Messi? Didn’t we break his chest?’ The slogan was echoed in the streets and fan parks of Doha after Saudi Arabia’s coup victory over Argentina. That’s how some Saudi fans expressed their joy. After that, Mexico fans and Argentina fans clashed in the street. Its video went viral on social media. Even there, Messi himself was wrong.


Mexico’s coach, Gerard Martino, did not shy away from the war of words. He told the press conference that his boys are ready to deny Messi the World Cup.
When I saw Messi’s condition, I remembered an incident that happened in the life of Muhammad Ali, who was a legend in the boxing ring.

At the age of 36, Ali suffered an unexpected defeat. 24-year-old Leon Spinks knocked Ali down. Ali lost the heavyweight title.
The media wrote about that defeat-


‘Ali’s lips were dripping with blood. He had bruises on his forehead,’

But Ali washed away the stain of shame within months. Ali regained the title by pinning Spinks. Even Parkinson’s disease could not stop Ali’s fighting spirit!

Champions are like that. Ali was a champion. Messi also belongs to that genus!
Going into the game against Mexico, the only option before Argentina was a victory. If they lost, they could fly home. It was a do-or-die situation for the team tagged as favorites, who reached the World Cup after winning 36 matches in a row!


The Blue Army’s biggest headache was the goalkeeper, Guillermo Ochoa. A great talent who leaves his signature in every world cup he plays. The one who guards the goal with the majesty of a warrior…!

Things went according to plan for Mexico in the first half. Messi and his team could not get a single shot on target. New trolls against Messi have started to form in the ranks.


It happened suddenly. In the sixty-fourth minute of the game, a ball hit Messi’s left leg. After a few seconds, he opened fire. Many did not understand what happened! A measured shot to the corner of the post. Ochoa is helpless! Goal!

One shot! One like the boxer’s perfect punch! Gajaveera’s head-smashing kick on Mexico’s post! The magic touch!

It did not end there. Messi also paved the way for Argentina’s next goal!
The Bible describes the death of Jesus-

‘The enemies beat Jesus with whips. He made a crown of thorns and placed it on his head. He carried the big cross and carried it to the mountain. The limbs were nailed. Finally, Jesus died. Even that lifeless body was wounded by enemies,’


But Jesus rose on the third day. Messi is described by some as the Messiah. Destiny is a resurrection for him too Argentina coach Scaloni had said one thing before the match-

‘Diego Maradona must be in heaven watching over us
Now Scaloni would add to that – ‘Diego is laughing now. Messi is the reason!”


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