The EK Section Is The Leader Against Equal Property Rights In The Kudumbashree Pledge, Denial Of Fundamental Rights Of Religion And Constitution: Samasta EK against the pledge for women in the Kudumbashree circular. Sect leader Nasser Faizi joined. Nasser Faizi has come out against the text that gives equal property rights to daughters and sons of the pledge.

His allegation is that granting equal property rights to men and women violates the fundamental rights provided by the Constitution based on religious laws and beliefs. He says that according to the Qur’an, a man has an equal share of two women and this is because it is the man who has to bear all the expenses of a woman’s life.

Nasser Faizi Kootai’s argument is that the civil laws in matters such as marriage, divorce, property rights, and post-death ceremonies are determined in the constitution based on religious beliefs and the pledge of equal property rights is a violation of this.

The Qur’an says: ‘A male has a share equal to that of two females’ (Annisa: 11). Islam has declared the inheritance rights of women in the property of their father, husband, and son to the world that has come to think that women do not have even a little property right.

But it is not discrimination to give them half of their father’s property. All the living expenses of the woman are borne by the man. Even if the husband is poor and the wife is rich, it is the responsibility of the husband to bear the expenses of them, the husband, and the children.

Islam gives a woman the right to keep whatever she earns as her own without incurring a single penny of expenses. Some have accused them of discrimination in arrivals without considering the cost, while they are not being ignored, they are being treated twice,’ Nasser Faizi said in his Facebook post.

He added that this is a violation of fundamental rights that undermines religious freedom and that the Kudumbashree circular denies fundamental principles of religion and the Constitution as part of gender neutrality and will lead to protests.

The pledge for women is a part of the Gender Campaign conducted by the Union Ministry of Rural Development and the implementation of various schemes by the Government of Kerala through Kudumbashree from November 25 to December 23, 2022.

This is contained in the circular issued by the District Mission Coordinator to Gram Panchayats and Kudumbashreeks in every district of the state. In the fourth week of the month, every Kudumbashree has a proposal to take the pledge through a gender resource meeting.

The Pledge for Women states:

We will celebrate the birth of both babies, a girl, and a boy.

Both sons and daughters will be given equal opportunity for equal education and equal progress.

We will oppose child marriage, forced marriage, and domestic violence.

We will teach boys to respect women and girls.

We will oppose any violence against women and we will not waste any opportunity to get justice for their lives.

All survivors are protected with dignity and their experiences are kept secret.

We will never take the law into our hands and will bring messages of peace and solidarity to every village and every family.

We will give equal property rights to daughters and sons.

We will support the weak and needy.



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