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The Doctor Pronounces Him as Dead And Puts Him On The Autopsy Table: From There, Back To Life: The body, which was taken to the mortuary as dead, is taken to another hospital due to the insistence of the relatives. The doctor there also disappoints by saying ‘nothing can be done. However, after the doctor’s decision to give it a try, the body began to show signs of life on the sixth day. It is about the life of Manu. A native of Kasaragod, Manu’s life is incredible.

Manu himself speaks openly about the amazing life of Manu who recovered from the morgue. Manu, who came back from death to life, was only waiting for troubles. Manu went for months without even remembering his wife and mother and not being able to recognize anyone. After years of treatment, Manu is now walking a little. Manu spoke about his life when he was about to participate in Flowers 1 Crore.

How about that story?

Manu’s life changed when he was working as a lorry driver. A lorry driven by Manu collided with a tourist bus in Payyannur. The lorry was completely destroyed. The incident happened four years ago. Manu’s body was taken out of the lorry three hours after the accident. Payyannur police admitted Manu to the hospital. However, the treating doctor pronounced death. The doctor, who declared him dead, shifted Manu’s body to the morgue saying that he would do the post-mortem after the police surgery came in the evening.

Meanwhile, some of Manu’s relatives got suspicious and decided to shift Manu to a good hospital. The hospital authorities were informed about this but they said that they would not release the body without a post-mortem. With this, Manu’s family recovered Manu’s ‘dead body’ through the intervention of some voluntary organizations. An ambulance with an ICU unit rushed Manu to a hospital in Mangalore. After examining Manu’s lying body, the doctor also ruled that ‘nothing can be done. Doctors started treating Manu as an experiment.

The doctor said not to get high hopes and corrected him on the sixth day. After six days of blood transfusions, the doctors said that there was hope. He regained consciousness after 16 days. He came home after one and a half months. He was bedridden at home for a year and a half. Meanwhile, Manu had lost his memory. Manu had no memory of who, what, family, etc. After reaching home, Manu recognizes his mother and sister from others. They were not there in Manu’s memory. Manu thought that the woman who took care of him was a home nurse. But it took Manu a long time to come to terms with the fact that it was his wife.

After realizing that he was unable to work, Manu decided to fire the ‘home nurse’. Manu created a ruckus in the house by saying that he did not have money to pay the home nurse. Manu’s family accepted Manu’s request after the doctors told him to give priority to his mental health and not to do anything that would cause pressure. The girl who was taking care of Manu was let go. Later Manu comes to know that she is his wife. It took Manu a year and a half to educate his own mind about this.

why mom Why are you? Why the wife? Manu did not know anything about what they were supposed to do. Manu’s wife was looking after everything. Manu didn’t even know what a husband-wife relationship was. Manu used to understand many things by watching movies and other programs on TV. Manu did not know how to read and write. A close friend taught Manu to read and write letters. He started walking with the help of a cane after one and a half years.


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