The Congressman Did Not Like Having A Communist As His Mother’s President Innocent: Actor Innocent is the person who has been the president of the Amma film organization for 18 years. Innocent talks about a dead Congressman telling Parliament that he wants to step down from his mother’s presidency. He told Kaumudi Movies that he has since moved from that position.

“I have been the president for 18 years after joining Amma. One day, my son asked me his father has not been president for 18 years.

I told him it wasn’t because I didn’t want to change, but because people weren’t coming. He said that it is not possible, but we have to change it, but someone will come soon.


With this in mind, I spoke about this when I saw Mohanlal and Mammootty. But they told me you should not go. One day my friend and a person you all know asked me about this. He is not of the left.

Asked when everyone was waiting for Parliament to start. I am not saying his name correctly. Because he is dead.

He asked me how many years Innocent has been president of Amma now. When I said that it has been 18 years, he suddenly asked me why I have kept it like this and what is wrong with it.


I told him that I was willing to give up and never take the position because someone wasn’t willing to take it. He said again that it doesn’t matter, you have to change.

That’s when I realized that there is a Congress and Communism within it. The Congressman did not like that a communist was the president of Amma for so many years.

When I mentioned it again, I told him that I am not moving from that position for the time being. Biju MP who is next to me is listening to all this.


He knows that I have never told anyone like this before. I talked to him about it. I told Biju that I did not stand for the position of president because of party thoughts but because of my interest in our organization. But I also took into account what my son said earlier.

I said that he will not change because he has the idea that another congressman should be the president who forced me to change. After that I informed them that I am changing in Amma’s election. “I am stepping down from 18 years as president,” Innocent said.


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