Police arrested 9 men and 2 women involved in human trafficking gang, 3 girls recovered

The Bike Thief Who Jumped From The Station Was Caught And Two Other Youths Who Were His Helpers Were Arrested: A thief who was caught with a missing bike escaped from the Adoor police station premises and was caught by the police within hours. Akhil (22) was trapped by the Adur police in the new house of Adoor Panniviza Kamala. A case was also registered against him for attempting to escape from custody. Two youths, who were his friends, who helped him in stealing the bike from the station premises, were arrested during the subsequent investigation.

Last month, a Bajaj Pulsar bike belonging to Sam Kuti was stolen in Ilamannur Vadakkethop. When the case was registered and the investigation was carried out, the owner found the bike abandoned near Pakkode and brought the bike to the station as there was a case. Later it disappeared from the station compound. Akhil, who was taken into custody with this bike and brought to the station, passed out during interrogation. On Monday evening at 6.20 p.m., he was taken into custody with a bike under suspicious circumstances from Adoor Puntala Building Pay and Park Ground under the leadership of SI Manish. He escaped at 6.30 am when he was brought to the station for questioning. The police, who divided into several groups and conducted a wide-ranging search, arrested him at Kaimalapara today at 10.20 am.

Based on the information given by him, the police arrested Rijjumon (19) who lives in Niravelputan house and Adoor Panniviza Kalladamurupel house, and Ayyappan (18) who lives in Panniviza Kalladamurupel house and Anandappalli Ayyappabhavanam house. The Bajaj Pulsar motorcycle had no rear number plate. When questioned by the SI, who was suspicious, he said that it was his friend Rahul’s car and that he had bought it to go to Varkala. Then, when the vehicle number was checked using the car info app on the iPhone, it became clear that it belonged to a Hero Honda Passion Pro bike. In later interrogation, he admitted that he had stolen from the police station premises.

Then the accused ran away from the station. After the two arrested suspects were interrogated in detail, it was revealed how the bike was smuggled. The stolen bike was transported from the station by being tied to Rijjumont’s Hero Honda Splendor motorcycle. The third accused Ayyappan admitted that he removed the number plate from the back of the stolen motorcycle and took it on top of the house. It was later recovered by the police.

The second and third accused were arrested from Anandapally. The fingerprints of all three accused have been collected. Akhil, who escaped from the station, took the bicycle which was left on the porch of Maheshi’s (54) house at Pannivizha Prashanti. Police have registered a separate case for this too.
He confessed that he stole the bicycle at 8 pm after lying in wait at the place. Police registered an arrest, in this case, this evening. The accused were produced in court.


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