2:14 pm: The Sensex has dropped by 1046.98 points or 2.06% so far. The Sensex is now at 49,861.20. At the same time, the Nifty has dropped 270 points to 14711. The market is broken for the fifth consecutive day. Profit booking dominates for the fifth consecutive day in the market. PSU BANK and Auto shares are seeing the most decline.

Today, on the first day of the week, the stock market is witnessing a big decline. The Sensex had lost over 800 points by the afternoon. This is the biggest drop so far this year. The Nifty was down by 191.00 points. Explain that the market is trading at a low level of the day. All the BSE sector indexes have fallen except the metal. 33 out of 50 stocks of the Nifty are down. At the same time, 24 out of 30 stocks of Sensex are seen falling. Earlier in the morning, the market opened moderately. The Bombay Stock Exchange Sensex opened 15 points higher at 50905. The Nifty opened with a gain of 17 points at 14,999.

Market movement has been like this for the last three months

The Sensex opened at 46284.7 on 14 December, while the Sensex reached 47055.69 on 21 December.
On December 30, the Sensex had gone up to 47,807.85 points. After this, the Sensex opened at a new peak of 48616.66 on Wednesday 6 December, crossing the level of 48 thousand in the new year.
The Sensex touched a new peak of 48797.97 on 8 December. While the Sensex reached a new peak at 49260.21 on 11 December itself.
At the same time the figure of 49569.14 touched on January 12 and now on January 13, the Sensex was at a new peak.
On January 21, the Sensex created another history, reaching an alltime high of 50,184.01.
On 5 February, the new peak of SENSEX 51073 touched.
On 8 February, the Sensex reached a new peak of 51409.36.
Touched 51835.86 on 9 February
Reached 52516.76 on 16 February


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