When Sunny Leone talks with Manish Paul in Hindi, watch the video, you will not be able to stop your laughter

The Actor Comparing Sunny Leone’s And Tamil Actress’ Attire On Stage, Adding To The Culture Was Saree: Oh My Ghost in Chennai is a new Tamil film starring Sunny Leone and Darsha Gupta. Sunny Leone was also present for the audio launch of the film. Playback singer Chinmayi Pada has now shared a video of actor Satish talking about Sunny Leone and Darsha Gupta’s outfit at the event.

Chinmayi tweeted a video of Satish comparing the clothes worn by both of them on the stage. This is a video where both of them are talking about the clothes they are wearing with tradition. Sunny Leone and her co-star Darsha Gupta wore a blue blouse and skirt at the event. After this, the actor said about the clothes of both of them.

“Sunny Leone has come to our program in Tamil Nadu from Mumbai. Look at the clothes they are wearing from Mumbai (Zari). A lady (Darsha Gupta) has come from Coimbatore. Look what she’s wearing. I just said. How beautiful Sunny Leone has come,” said Satish.

Chinmayi tweeted the video saying that Satish’s words were not meant to be funny. Sharing the video, Chinmayi wrote that such behaviors will end as men.

“A man is throwing a woman in front of the crowd to humiliate her for not dressing according to culture. Can men change this attitude? This is not meant to be seen as a joke,” noted Chinmayi Sripada.

In the video shared by Chinmayi, when Satish talks about the actresses’ clothes, loud noises can be heard from the audience. Just talking about Sunny Leone’s saree gets her applause. But when they talk about Darsha Gupta, who came in blue clothes, there is a reaction from the audience mocking them.

Many people responded in support of Chinmayi’s tweet.
‘It’s sad. It’s just like his boring, ambivalent, understated sense of humor. One person tweeted, agreeing with Chinmayi’s opinion, that he feels disgusted.

‘If a westerner can freely wear Indian traditional clothes, why can’t an Indian? Ever seen Indian men flaunting western wear? Another tweeted criticizing Satish. Many people also tweeted that Satish is always seen making strange comments about women.

Meanwhile, Oh My Ghost, which is about to release, also stars Yogi Babu, Ramesh Tilak, Satish, and GP Muthu in lead roles along with Darsh and Sunny Leone. The audio launch of the film was held in Chennai. The main attraction of the program was Sunny Leone’s arrival in Chennai from Mumbai.


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