Shashi Tharoor

Tharoor Laughs At The Rolling Eyes: Muralidharan has publicly come forward for Shashi Tharoor. Muralidharan’s malakkam mariachi should be read in conjunction with Sudhakaran’s pro-RSS stance and the controversy surrounding it a few days ago. Muralidharan is a firm believer that Congress will disappear if it angers the Muslim League. He always talks about the league. Ramesh Chennithala came in support of Sudhakaran that day. K. Sudhakaran is a person who was frowned upon by both A and I groups when he came to the post of KPCC president. But when Chennithala, led by the I group, came out with support, it must be understood that some undercurrents took place. Sudhakaran and VD Satheesan come to the leadership as the solution to all organizational problems. But now we have to understand that the problems do not end there. There are reports that Tharoor has strong support from the A group. Centers of influence of Oommen Chandy and A Group are new for Shashi Tharoor

Organizing programs is also an indication of this. If it was only that, there would be no problem. It is clear from the meeting with Syed Saadiq Ali Shihab at Palakkad that the Muslim League has an extra affection for Tharoor. You can rule out anyone else’s support, but Tharoor, who has the support of the League, is not a retailer. Didn’t you understand that the earlier confidence was not in vain? It would be good if Tharoor was a guest for the Mannam Jayanti celebrations of NSS. Chennithala has no choice but to jump on the other side. Without saying anything, V.D. said that Congress has no childhood for any more sectarianism. Satish will also have to keep quiet.

Tharoor is coming to Malabar to announce anti-Sangh Parivar programs at a time when people feel that he has lost his bid for the presidency. His arrival, his choice of venue, and topics of conversation were carefully planned. He has previously made a mass entry while losing an election when he ran unsuccessfully for the post of UN Secretary-General. Coming to politics itself. Tharoor has been shocked by all the failures.

Why do leaders have to change their stance on Tharoor? That is because of the middle-class vote bank around Tharoor. Tharoor has a role model image of being successful in all aspects of life. People have a certain amount of affection, especially for those who have come into politics from the bureaucracy, which is a kind of meritocracy. The basic logic behind this is that parents have not seen their children measuring themselves against the prize-winning children in the youth festival who are doing well and are getting high marks. Studying and working in the UN Civil Service. Speech for speech. All that said, Tharoor has all the qualifications to teach a class that goes to a perfect poetry recital. We have the urge to swallow whatever people say like that without touching the water. We have already confirmed that everything he says will be true. Before this, the most important person who had such an aura was A.P.J. It was Abdul Kalam. If you look closely, you will understand that, apart from being a technocrat, Abdul Kalam’s speeches were also very popular. All the important venues where Kalam preached were schools or colleges. The immense motivation in his speeches has given Kalam charisma. No one considered Abdul Kalam a politician even if he was the President of India. A godly man who has nothing to deny anyone, only success, and achievements in the eyes of the people.

There is another example in Kerala. It is Metro Man E Sreedharan. He had the potential to do so and tried his hand at it. But the problem was that a coup was not possible in Kerala and he stood with the BJP. It can also be said that those hopes have sunk. Tharoor has an upper hand over them. That is precisely the statesman image he has established among the people. It must be said that he managed to completely shed the shirt of a bureaucrat and become a politician. Tharoor is consolidating his image in England at the Oxford Union, where the most precise opportunity, or time, can be measured and used. He has all the potential to become a Pan-Indian leader very easily. It is this middle-class vote bank that gathers around Tharoor that sets the campaign in India. Tharoor may not be able to address any of the problems of the common man in India or Kerala. One can only be a mass campaigner standing on the surface. A propaganda party also needs a message carrier that stands on surfaces. But Tharoor doesn’t feel he can do anything just because he has become a campaigner himself but according to him the manpower is needed to mobilize and pressure the party. Tharoor is moving towards that. It’s this crowd around him that’s going to help him the most to get there. It cannot be eliminated by a party proposal or by eye-rolling


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