Thapki Pyaar Ki 2

Thapki Pyaar Ki 2 8th December 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with purab searching at thapki. Thapki says hi anybody, i’m glad assembly you and hopes to emerge as member of your institution. She stammers even as pronouncing this. Hansika smiles and thinks rail gaadi chuk chuk. Purab’s buddies make faces. A pal says you’re excellent searching, and it doesn’t look correct like which you are such. Purab holds thapki’s hand and scoffs his pal for having braces in university and asks her to expose the teeth, and says it’s miles exceptional now. Different buddy says humans grow and gets excellent. Purab says he loves to hear his wife thapki and maintains his hand on her shoulder.

Thapki introduces herself once more and receives jovial. She says her name shall be suspense purab singhania. She tells approximately hr supervisor increasing the earnings, as she changed into taken aback listening to 20000 salary after which hr manager extended her income to 30000 rs. She says she will be in police and get the thieves talk the fact or may be dj too. They laugh and inform that purab’s wife is humorous. Purab smiles. Hansika receives dissatisfied. Sargam comes to fulfill rohit. Rohit compliments him and asks her to maintain her weight-reduction plan. Sneha tells sargam that she has become lean. Rohit says sneha wants to pay for the food. Sargam says i am on the food plan, however i will pay. She calls waiter. Anchun turns. Rohit and sargam are bowled over. Sargam asks if he followed her right here. Anchun says even i will tell you this and tells that someone complained to his old boss and he fired him. Rohit says i had filed the complaint and asks him to ship some different waiter else he’s going to get him thrown from here.

Sargam says its ok and calls waiter. Hansika thinks to get thapki insulted and says they all know the regulations of the sport, however thapki didn’t understand. She brings the bowl of chits and asks them to select it and do anything is written on it. She takes out secret chit and recalls writing on it, discover your partner and make him/her kiss. She thinks purab has to kiss me and then thapki’s coronary heart will break. Absolutely everyone put their arms in the bowl. Hansika’s chit falls in it. Purab gets the chit which hansika wrote to trick him. He reads that find your accomplice blindfolded and make him or her kiss you. Rohit asks pal not to force sargam to have whatever. Anchun asks waiter to give coconut water to that woman (sargam).

Sargam says i haven’t ordered, i don’t need. Rohit says she is fasting. Sargam receives uncomfortable. Anchun looks at sargam. Sargam says she will use washroom and come back. Anchun goes at the back of her. Purab is blindfolded and tries to look thapki. He comes to his buddy, then hansika, thapki and other women. Makhna tune performs. Hansika comes and stands infront of thapki. Purab comes close to hansika, at the same time as thapki is at the back of her. Purab forwards his hand and holds thapki’s hand. Every body claps for purab. Purab opens his blindfold and appears at thapki. Thapki is surprised and smiles as purab found her. Each person in the pub asks them to kiss. Hansika gets upset.

Purab symptoms thapki to kiss on his cheek. Thapki walks towards him, holds him and kisses on his cheek. Everybody claps and says they shall do couple dance. Sargam feels suffocated inside the get dressed. Anchun knocks at the door and asks sargam if she is nice, and asks her to drink coconut water atleast. She says you have despatched it and asks him to close up else she will complain about him right here. She comes out and asks why is he getting toward her and asks him now not to be over friendly. Simply then her get dressed zip opens up. Anchun turns his face and asks her to go home.

She says rohit and her friends are here. Anchun says they’ll snort at you. She says rohit had picked her. He gives to drop her in bike and is going to get something for her. Everyone visit the dancing ground. Purab ties a fashionable extension material to her dress in order that she don’t feel uncomfortable. They start dancing. Jeele jeele ishq mein. Hansika makes her fall and her sandal spoil. Purab holds thapki and takes to the air her different heel whilst dancing. They finish the great dance. The buddy tells that they shall all take fine jodi call. Every person takes purab and thapki’s call. They deliver her trophy and champagne to purab. Purab congrats thapki. Thapki congrats him too. Purab opens the champagne.

Anchun brings a cloth and offers to sargam. Sargam ties it around her and asks him to come. The friend tells purab that they’re made for every different. Purab asks thapki to come back home. Thapki says she will be able to go to washroom and are available. She takes her handbag. Later rohit, sneha and different pal search for sargam. Rohit says i am bearing that moti for my charges and says if that moti isn’t always discovered, then we ought to pay 30000 invoice. Thapki hears him and goes near him. His pal tells that they appear to be acquainted.

Episode ends.

Precap: thapki comes to the room and sees purab shirtless. He asks if she comes to room with out knocking so that she can see his frame. Thapki says i used to be now not conscious that you may be standing here. Purab says my room, my shower and my body and says he can do anything with it. She moves his stuff and keeps the trophy. He additionally continues his stuff returned and smiles, telling that they shall sleep now. Thapki thinks their relation is getting higher.


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