Thapki Pyaar Ki 2

Thapki Pyaar Ki 2 7th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode begins offevolved with Doctor asking them to deposit the development else he can’t do the surgical treatment, that is clinic rule. Thapki says we aren’t walking away, and holds the health practitioner’s ft to shop her mom. The health practitioner says I can understand, this clinic isn’t always mine, I simply paintings right here, and asks her to make preparations of cash, else she may slip in coma. Thapki rushes domestic and breaks her piggy bank. She counts the cash, however it’s far simply 2500. Mama ji comes there and says cash preparations are done, and indicates the cash. Thapki says this cash is stored for Arjun and Preeti’s fees. Sudha comes there and tells that she can be able to provide her cash and asks her to return back. She takes her out and locks Mama ji’s door. Mama ji asks what are you doing? Sudha says I will now no longer assist you to spoil my children’s destiny on them. Thapki asks her to open the door. Sudha asks her to head and ask her father. Thapki asks Sudha to shop her mom. Sudha kicks her and says your mom will now no longer die, will now no longer depart you, I will now no longer waste my cash. She says scouse borrow the cash, do some thing you want, however get the cash in your own. Thapki cries.

Purab is making chocolate cup cake withinside the kitchen. His sister Sargam comes there and says Mom sings well, you hears the expertise and I scent the food. He asks whilst did you come? She says simply as I got here, I got here right here looking you. She asks why is he searching in tension. He remembers Veena throwing the CD. She says Mom become concerned whilst she got here to select out me from airport and asks if the whole lot is fine. He applies cake on her face. She says my make up is spoiled. Purab brings cup cake. Tai ji attempts to forestall Dadi from ingesting cup cake. Dadi asks her to be quiet. Tai ji’s son comes there. His spouse says Sagar my love. She asks him to return back again, and says I will shoot you. Purab sees the automobile broken and asks approximately him. Sagar tells that he become in a rush and hit a woman, however she need to be fine. Purab says he isn’t always concerned approximately the automobile harm and asks him to inform in which the twist of fate happened? Thapki involves the temple and receives a few cash from Pandit ji and others. She says I want 50000 for Maa’s treatment, that is less. She thinks what to do and remembers Doctor’s phrases. Purab is at the manner and asks his worker to discover approximately the woman. The man says it’s far hard to search. Dadi asks Veena to flavor the cake made through Purab. Veena tastes it. Dadi says I known as workplace and got here to realize which you had threw CD on Purab’s face. Veena says she didn’t try this deliberately and says he did the sort of mistake. She asks in case you aren’t my Saas? Dadi says I am your mom too and might scold you. Veena says I will now no longer come up with a chance, as I don’t do errors like Purab. Dadi says you’re a a success singer, however turning into an unsuccessful mom and asks her now no longer to dream to be a terrific saas. Veena says she needs inheritor for the own circle of relatives too. Arjun says clinic requested them to shift her mom from there.

Thapki writes at the slate that her mom wishes 50000 Rs for surgical treatment and sits at the road. Arjun is going returned to clinic. Thapki apologizes to Mata Rani and says I don’t have anything, in place of promoting your blessings. Veena says she can be able to now no longer allow her fail and could now no longer fail herself. Dadi asks her now no longer to pressurize herself, lifestyles is like water, can’t be caged for your palm. Veena says that is my truth, I will deliver such bahu for me, that the arena might be inspired together along with her voice, and all of the own circle of relatives contributors together along with her behavior. She says I will go back after looking her. Thapki begins offevolved making a song the bhajan and stammers. She attempts making a song and receives anxious seeing many human beings there. She thinks of Mama ji’s phrases and takes a dupatta from the shop. She ties the dupatta and sits on the alternative side. Veena thinks she can be able to deliver her bahu and thinks can be Mata Rani will make me meet her. Thapki closes her eyes and begins offevolved making a song. Veena comes the temple and asks motive force to forestall the automobile, listening to her making a song, says such a pleasing voice. She receives inspired and hears the song. She reads the board and asks motive force to hold the cash there, together along with her bangle as shagun. She thinks she were given her inheritor. Thapki thank you the God seeing the cash. People sees Veena and surrounds her.

Veena attempts to peer Thapki’s face. Arjun calls Thapki and asks her to return back to clinic fast. Thapki takes the cash and runs from there. Veena appears at her going and calls her, however Thapki doesn’t pay attention to her. She rushes to the clinic. Arjun says I noticed ward boy bringing Bua out of the emergency, and vacating the bed. Thapki says she can be able to communicate to the health practitioner, she has introduced cash. Purab asks Doctor how is the affected person? Doctor says we’re transferring her to VIP room, if she could get past due for even 10 mins, then she could have went in coma. Purab asks him now no longer to fear approximately costs and says affected person wishes to be saved. He writes a cheque and offers to her. Doctor says I am amazed which you are assisting a stranger. Purab says it become needed. Doctor asks him to satisfy Patient’s daughter. Purab assessments the time and asks him now no longer to provide his info to each person, as human beings don’t want to take each person favors. He thank you Doctor and leaves. Thapki involves health practitioner and says I even have introduced the cash, and asks him to hold it, and now no longer to take out her mom from the ward. Doctor says I am going to do your mom’s surgical treatment and tells that a person gave the cheque and bearing all of the clinic costs. He is going interior to operate. Thapki remembers seeing Purab’s returned and asks Arjun to live there. She is going out and collides with Purab. He holds her. She appears at him. They each say you.

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