Thapki Pyaar Ki 2

Thapki Pyaar Ki 2 4th December 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with thapki worriedly calls purab as dadi’s situation deteriorates. Purab doesn’t see the decision because the telephone is on silent mode due to hansika. Hansika asks purab if he concept approximately her, as they were about to spend the life together after which. Purab says he turned into busy in his life and didn’t get the time to think about her, and tells that he felt terrible for her. Thapki calls hansika. Purab asks her to select the call. Hansika asks why you didn’t name me even once.

Purab says i got here to recognise which you went to london. Thapki calls ambulance, however came to know that each one the ambulance are busy. She asks the man to set up ambulance. Dadi faints. The guy says we are able to send the medical doctor to your home. Thapki says i can ship you the address. Purab tests thapki’s ignored calls and calls her again, but the smartphone is busy. He says they shall go lower back home and tells that he isn’t getting a very good feeling. Hansika thinks the whole thing is accomplished. They come again home.

Purab sees thapki crying badly. He asks what took place? Thapki hugs him and cries. She says dadi. He runs to dadi’s room and asks medical doctor what took place to his dadi. Medical doctor says she has excessive allergy. Purab seems at thapki and takes her out. He asks how did dadi get the allergic reaction, as she is allergic to peanut? Thapki says i made her consume halwa. Hansika brings the bottle and asks did you are making halwa on this oil. Thapki says i made halwa in ghee. Hansika says you are announcing this, but fact is something else.

She says it turned into near the halwa kadai and says till i recognize, you fed her halwa. Thapki says i had brought ordinary ghee. Purab asks then how did dadi get hypersensitive reaction? He asks how can you be so careless. Veena, vinod, sargam, priyanka and sapna return home. Purab says i had told that peanut and its associated stuff may be dangerous for dadi. He asks did you are making the halwa or not.

Thapki says i made it. Purab asks did you make her eat? Thapki says sure, however. He stops her. Hansika smiles. Veena devi says whoever has a hassle in her voice, has trouble in their heart too. She says you in no way cared for my amma, and cared to your mom’s surgical procedure a lot. She says you don’t care if something happens to my amma. Thapki says i continually regarded dadi as my very own dadi.

Sapna says you confirmed the distinction today. Health practitioner comes out. Vinod asks how is amma now? Health practitioner says injection worked, and says no want to take her to medical institution. Veena devi thank you doctor for coming on time. Health practitioner says earlier than i got here here, thapki had finished 1/2 work and were given patient vomit. He says thapki has stored her and not me. Purab asks can we meet her now? Physician says she is slumbering now. All of them visit see dadi. Hansika tells thapki that this own family will in no way take delivery of her and could by no means neglect her. She acts and is going. Thapki cries. Vinod asks amma if she is satisfactory? Amma says sure. Vinod says thank god you purchased unconsciousness. Veena says that girl..

Dadi tells that thapki can’t do the error even through mistake and says she is innocent. She says be counted is some thing else. Vinod asks her to rest. Thapki sits at the floor and cries. She thinks i had made halwa in ghee. She remembers asking mohan to stir the halwa. Jaya comes back domestic with ashok. Sudha asks how is she? Jaya says fine. Sudha says so that you are excellent now, we have wasted cash like water and asks her to get lower back to paintings. Ashok says she got here from medical institution just now.

Jaya says i’m able to do the paintings and takes the utensils from her. She reveals her locket missing. Mukul comes back home and thinks wherein did it cross, i don’t take it out from my pockets. Anjali asks if he is looking some thing, if it’s far a mystery like his pockets. He asks did you open my pockets? Anjali says yes, and says you turned into so bothered approximately that pockets. He says it’s far your paintings to make an issue. Ashok tells jaya that he will visit sanatorium and take a look at. Sudha says maharani has lost the gold and scoffs her.

Anchun asks if she isn’t always bored with taunting her. She asks him to go to do task and name callings him too. Jaya thinks that locket become given via him. Priyanka tells sapna that she had saved peanut and its oil faraway from the kitchen and says if thapki haven’t introduced it, then who introduced it. Veena devi hears them and asks hansika what did you do with amma? Hansika says you become scolding thapki and now went in the back of me. Veena devi says i concept that thapki didn’t do something with amma and asks what did she do? Hansika says i was with purab outside. Thapki asks mohan to tell the truth and says i’ve delivered ghee in halwa, then how come oil got here inside the halwa. Mohan says i didn’t realize. Veena devi comes there and asks him to tell the reality, and threatens to ship him to police lock up.

Mohan says i will tell who has done this. Hansika thinks my game is over and thinks to go away. Purab sees her going. Hansika says i used to be coming to call you. Mohan says the halwa turned into burning so i have introduced some oil in it. He says the entirety passed off in a rush, please forgive me. Purab gets indignant and grabs his collar, says my dadi ought to have died. Thapki asks purab to leave him and says human beings do mistakes. Veena devi asks mohan to leave. Mohan seems at hansika earlier than leaving. Veena devi appears at thapki and asks her not to suppose that she enquired to show her innocence, and says i’ve carried out this for my amma. She asks her not to have any false impression in her coronary heart. Thapki cries. Later in the room, purab comes there and sees her sitting regrettably. He calls her call.

Thapki asks what took place? She says you came to mention sorry and quit the problem. It is ideal, and says you requested me to say yes or no and asks if i am the device and tells that some thing relation we’ve, can’t be run without believe. Purab says it become dadi’s count. Thapki says in such times, agree with is examined and tells that she has understood that she will be able to by no means be a part of his family. He asks what to do. Thapki says you shall think before hurting my heart, why are you asking now? He thinks to cheer her up and for that pleasant way is antique hindi songs. He plays the music. Thapki says i can sleep with dadi tonight and is going. Purab thinks a way to thank her.

Precap: inside the pub, humans ask thapki to kiss purab. Purab signs and symptoms her to kiss him on his cheeks. Thapki shyly kisses him on his cheeks. Hansika receives jealous..


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