Thapki Pyaar Ki 2

Thapki Pyaar Ki 2 2nd December 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode begins offevolved with Purab asking Thapki why she isn’t taking note of him. He unearths the pendrive at the ground while it falls from jeans. He asks did you wash it along side garments? Thapki says I am now no longer that stupid, I haven’t washed it. She says I even have stored it withinside the drawer. Purab asks if it got here to the bathing system via way of means of itself. She is going to position the garments for drying. Servant comes there and gives to maintain it. Purab comes there and asks her to forgive him. He says we ought to pass for dinner withinside the night time. Thapki asks if that is boss order. She places garments at the rope. It falls on Purab and whilst he attempts to take it off, Thapki is available in it. They have a watch lock and the music plays…

They pop out of the garments. He receives a name and asks Thapki to include him to workplace, as he desires to signal the files and submit. She asks if that is husband or boss’s order. He says Boss order and asks her to take greater garments, as they’ll pass for dinner for workplace work. She says you’re very smart and is going. He thinks can be she melts seeing the meals. Hansika waits on the eating place and messages Purab to return back speedy. She thinks as soon as they arrive right here, they’ll come right here as husband and spouse, however simply as this drug treatments is going in his stomach, Thapki out and Hansika in. She appears at the drugs bottle.

In the workplace, Purab tells the worker that their files shall attain FM echo. Thapki wonders how the pendrive went into washing system and says Sir, your coffee. He says they ought to pass for dinner in 30 minutes and says he has no time to drink coffee. She drinks. He asks why are you consuming coffee, we’re going for dinner. Thapki asks did I agree? She offers his garments to him. He is going to the rest room together along with her and asks why didn’t you deliver your garments. He says he didn’t try and persuade even Mom this much. Thapki says sorry.

The worker involves the cabin and takes the files. He locks the rest room door and is going. Purab asks Thapki to quit the drama and asks her to inform what she needs straightly. Thapki says I can simply now to speak whilst stammering and now no longer straightly and tells that she desires to pass domestic and now no longer for dinner with you, Sir. He says Sir again.

She unearths the door locked and asks him. Purab says my soul closed the door from out of doors and I am status right here. Thapki knocks at the door and asks if all of us is there withinside the workplace. He says all people need to have long gone domestic, as workplace hours are over. He attempts to interrupt the door, and receives hurt. She says you would possibly have magical powers, however you aren’t Shaktimaan. He asks for his telecellsmartphone. Thapki says can be it’s miles at the assembly desk. He asks for her telecellsmartphone.

Thapki says my telecellsmartphone is likewise out of doors. Hansika calls them and thinks what goes on there. She receives indignant. Purab says what type of secretary you’re, you couldn’t deal with my telecellsmartphone, first that pendrive. Thapki says very high-quality and says once in a while I sense which you employed me for this process to insult me.

She says I will display you, that I am know-how and succesful worker. She says I can climb up and open the window, then we are able to pass out. He asks when you have long gone mad? He says you may fall down. She continues the desk and attempts to climb up maintaining the bathe faucet. It breaks and she or he falls in his embrace. He holds her and the water from the bathe faucet falls on them. They get soaking wet fully. They have a watch lock.

Thapki says thanks. He says now your thanks started. She says we aren’t pals and says if she is incorrect then she says sorry too. She asks him to pass. He says if I pass then you may get soaking wet. He continues her down and takes her dupatta to tie at the bathe faucet. He says why didn’t you deliver your garments. Thapki asks him to put on the garments which she delivered for him. He says you put on it, as you’re delicate. Thapki refuses and sneezes. He asks her to extrade her garments and wears his greater garments. She is going behind the scenes to put on the garments and asks him to show his face. He turns his face. Hansika involves Veena’s residence and asks Servant to serve the meals.

Servant says there’s not anything as I became advised that Thapki, Purab and you may have meals out of doors. Hansika receives disillusioned. Sapna and Priyanka suppose to tease her and enjoy. Priyanka asks why she got here right here? Sapna says can be husband and spouse desired to trip at the cycle in preference to in auto. Hansika receives irked and receives as much as pass. Sapna places coin withinside the weighing system and says Thapki is strong on Hansika. Priyanka asks her to discover what occurred first.

Purab asks her to rush up. Thapki comes out and says you may flip and appearance now. He appears at her and says you’re looking high-quality and suiting it nicely on you. She thinks she might have by no means worn those garments. He asks what’s she questioning and says first your concept broke the faucet and now mild will pass. She asks what are you doing? He says I am status with my eyes closed given that 10 minutes and you’re doubting me. He asks for her pin, in order that the hearthplace alarm rings. She offers the pin. He continues the pin withinside the energy box. The mild is going off.

Thapki receives disillusioned with Purab and says now lighting fixtures are long gone too. She says she has to get caught right here all night time with garam patila. Watchman opens the door. Purab says shall we pass domestic. They come domestic. Sapna and Priyanka study Thapki and Purab coming domestic. Thapki is carrying his garments. Sapna says what they could have done.

Thapki slips and Purab holds her. They have a watch lock. Hansika, Sapna and Priyanka appearance on. Chupke chupke music plays. Priyanka says rely is hot, in the event that they plan to deliver chote Purab or choti Thapki. Hansika is going to them angrily. Purab allows Thapki get up. Hansika asks why he agreed to return back for dinner after which didn’t come. She says why you made me wait. Purab tells that they have been caught in assembly and now no longer in bathroom.

Priyanka asks why Thapki’s garments is like you. Sapna asks why did you get moist, there’s no rain. He says he don’t need to inform workplace subjects at domestic. Hansika asks why he didn’t select out the calls. Purab asks thapki to say. Thapki tells that they have been withinside the assembly and telephones have been stored far. He tells Hansika that they shall pass for dinner a few different day and says sorry.

Thapki thinks he’s pronouncing sorry to a pal without difficulty and now no longer to his spouse. She is going disillusioned. Purab is going at the back of her. Hansika is disillusioned. Later withinside the room, Thapki assessments Purab and unearths him having excessive fever. She continues the moist material on his forehead. Purab opens his eyes and appears at her.

Precap: Dadi asks Purab and Thapki to have speedy for the puja later withinside the evening. Purab asks why she can be able to maintain speedy, as she is indignant with him. Thapki says she can be able to maintain speedy for Dadi. Later they take a seat down for the puja. Dadi asks Purab to fill her maang with sindoor, as at some point of marriage, he had concept her a person else and crammed her maang. Purab fills Thapki’s maang with sindoor. Thapki closes her eyes. Hansika comes there..


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