Thapki Pyaar Ki 2

Thapki Pyaar Ki 2 29th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode begins offevolved with Purab asking Veena Devi if she nevertheless wishes to speak approximately Hansika. Veena Devi says no, anything you notion proper has done, says depart it. Dadi claps for them. Purab says your returned pain. Dadi says it’s miles long past seeing your pain. She asks him to make Veena have some thing and says she is hungry. Purab asks if she would love to have cup desserts. Veena smiles. Dadi tells Thapki that very quickly Veena will realise that she is a diamond and could unite Purab and her. Thapki smiles.

Later Thapki involves her room and unearths strawberry cupcakes. She asks Purab, how did he recognize that her favored taste is strawberry. He says the baskets that you have despatched to media, it had strawberry taste desserts and pastries and the goodies which become offered for Diwali and also you had eaten it. He says I notion of all and took a chance. He asks her toe at. Thapki eats it and says it’s miles very tasty, and says you’ve got got skills and do a little paintings nicely. He says a few paintings. Thapki says I even have forgotten that Dadi has referred to as me, I will meet her first after which can have it later. Purab calls her and wipes the strawberry pastry from her lips with the tissue paper. Thapki is going. Purab smiles.

Sargam thinks of Rohit’s phrases and says I will preserve you usually secure so you don’t get rotten. She appears on the cucumber ring. Her buddy talks to her and asks what she is giving in return? Sargam says shall I supply him carrot ring. Rohit is with the buddy and asks her to invite her to suppose a few creative. The buddy advise Sargam to present him ultra-modern mobile. Rohit thank you the buddy.

Thapki attempts to preserve the AC temperature to 24, however Purab asks her to preserve it 20 levels and cowl herself with blanket. Thapki feels bloodless after which maintains the temperature at sixteen levels intentionally. Purab says good enough, preserve 22 levels. They sleep.

Veena Devi and Hansika are approximately to collide. Hansika says why you return back infront of me once more and once more. Veena Devi says you may collapse and says she enquired with the London faculty of song and got here to recognize that she become kicked out from there. She says Purab will experience terrible to recognize your lie. She says I will now no longer inform him, as day after today is my birthday and I don’t need to do anything. She asks her to % her baggage and depart. She is going. Hansika says your reality could be out, however I will now no longer do anything, Thapki will reveal you. She says shall we see who accept as true with wins.

Sargam and dadi come to Thapki and notice her analyzing the newspapers. Thapki says she is making an attempt to recognize Maa ji’s likes and dislikes and wishes to plot her birthday nicely. Dadi says you’re operating hard. Thapki says each 12 months she used to want her satisfied birthday, searching at her picturegraph and says she desires to make her birthday particular and says can be she can be able to get satisfied and could forgive me. She says she don’t need to go away any chance. Sargam says you’re candy and I love you. She says I want Purab Bhai says this. Dadi says he’s going to say one day. Thapki asks Sargam if she can be able to assist her to choose the cake. Sargam says yes, however I ought to exit for an hour. Thapki says it’ll be a mystery amongst 3 of us. Purab comes there and asks if there may be some thing unique these days that I didn’t get my morning coffee. Thapki says she didn’t see the time and is going to deliver coffee. He sits on the eating desk and appears at Veena Devi’s information clippings withinside the newspaper. He asks Thapki if she located this paintings these days. Thapki says I will do that paintings most effective these days. Purab says you’re my secretary. She says now no longer at home. Purab asks her to go away all of the paintings, and coordinate with celebration organizer for Mom’s birthday celebration. Thapki and Sargam say good enough Sir. Purab asks if everybody were given mad withinside the morning and says I don’t have time. Thapki asks him to want Maa ji early morning and asks if he’s going to want her because the strangers withinside the nighttime.

Purab says Mom does riyaaz for three hours on her birthday. He says he can’t take the danger and can’t disenchanted her. Thapki says Maa ji will now no longer get disenchanted and asks him to want her else she can be able to now no longer arrange the celebration. Purab says good enough. Sargam says she can be able to additionally come and want her. Thapki asks him to take Prasad of the temple for her. Dadi asks while did she pass and says to get the prasad, one has to head at three am. Thapki says she went at three am, however her flip got here at 6 am. Purab asks Thapki to return back and want her. Thapki says she don’t need to disenchanted her and could want her later. Dadi kisses Thapki. Hansika thinks she can be able to get Veena devi uncovered via Thapki. Purab and Sargam come to Veena Devi and want her satisfied birthday. Veena Devi thank you them. Purab offers her prasad. Veena Devi asks in the event that they went to temple early morning. Purab says thapki added this prasad for you. Veena Devi appears on. He says you didn’t get indignant these days. He says he’s going to meet her withinside the nighttime and is going. Sargam additionally is going.

Hansika involves Veena Devi and needs her satisfied birthday. Veena Devi says didn’t you % your baggage? Hansika says I am going to reveal the video of call plate swapping to Purab. Veena Devi says inform him, he’s going to get indignant, however I will persuade her. Hansika says she can be able to lure him together along with her faux tears and says she can be able to inform, how she become thrown out of London faculty of Music and could advantage his sympathy. She asks her to just accept her defeat. Veena Devi says whilst you become crying on your mother’s lap, I become getting value determinations for my singing. Hansika says don’t inform me that I haven’t warned you and is going.

Thapki involves Vinod and asks him to mention accurate matters approximately Maa ji. She takes his byte on Veena. She takes bytes from everybody. Hansika comes there and asks Thapki to document her byte on Veena in her mobile. She says she can be able to ship the video to her and suggests the video to her. Thapki is ready to see. Veena Devi appears at them.

Purab performs the flute whilst Thapki dances with him in the course of Veena’s birthday celebration..


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